Bleaching: African kontris wey don ban skin lightening cream

Blac Chyna

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Blac Chyna bin come Nigeria for November 2018 to open bleaching cream market

"Love di skin wey you get", dis na di message wey Rwanda goment dey sama kontri pipo as dem dey fight against di rise of skin bleaching.

Bleaching creams and soaps na di latest tin wey Presido of Rwanda, Paul Kagame just ban for di kontri afta im begin worry say pipo dey use am anyhow. But Rwanda no be di only African kontri wey don ban bleaching cream.

Dis na some kontris for Africa wey don ban bleaching cream and products wey get harmful bleaching agents.

Ghana - 2016

For 2016, Ghana join di list of kontris wey don ban lightening products wit hydroquinone.

Di kontri FDA say di ban of bleaching creams na mata of public safety.

Ivory Coast -2015

For May 2015, Ivory Coast ban creams wey get any ingredient wey dey whiten pesin skin and creams wey get mercury, hydroquinone wey pass 2%, cortisone and vitamin A.

Di kontri health ministry bin dey worry say lightening creams fit cause hypertension and diabetes.

Kenya - 1998

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Hydroquinone fit destroy pesin skin

Di Kenya Bureau of Standards bin ban cosmetics wey get ingredients wey dey harmful to di skin since August 1998.

Some of di ingredients wey dey di list na bleaching chemicals like hydroquinone, mercury and hydrogen peroxide.

Tanzania - 2017

Goment for Tanzania bin ban di importation of products wey get mercury and hydroquinone but pipo still dey smuggle am enta di kontri.

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Pipo dey use different methods like pills, cream, soap and even injection to bleach dia skin

South Africa

South Africa na also one of di kontris wey don ban skin lightening products wey get plenti mercury, hydroquinone and steroids but pipo still dey buy am from illegal sellers.


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Just like Ghana, Nigeria also follow ban products wey get mercury, hydroquinone and corticosteroids but dem neva completely ban everi-everi on top skin lightening products.

Upon di ban, around 75% of Nigerian women still dey use bleaching cream according to World Health Organisation.