Five kontris wia man and woman no fit hug, kiss or do touch-touch for public

Couple wey hold hand dey waka for road. Image copyright Getty Images
Image example Students wey dey touch or kiss for public fit chop suspension for University of Zimbabwe

Al-Azhar University of Egypt expel one female student on Sunday, January 13 2019 afta di school authorities see video wey show her dey hug her boyfriend.

Di video show as di boyfriend kneel down propose to di female student come hug her afta she tok yes.

Al-Azhar University authorities say di girl disgrace dia school as e dey against society values for man and woman wey neva marry to dey hug.

But no be only dis Egyptian University you fit land inside trouble if you dey do touch touch for public.


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Image example Man and woman no fit hold hand for public for some Muslim kontris

Dis African kontri no dey let man and woman hold hand or kiss for public. Dis na mostly because di Islam be di main religion dem dey practice for di kontri.


Just like Morocco, Egypt no dey allow any form of touch-touch for public. If you try, authorities fit try di mata under di public decency laws. E dey common to see looku-looku pipo dey give you strong eyes if dem see you dey kiss or hug for street.


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Image example Some kontris fit carry you go jail for public touch-touch

For University of Zimbabwe, authorities fit expel students if dem catch dem dey touch-touch anyhow, kiss or nack for public.

Dubai, UAE

Upon say Dubai don develop well-well, dem still get rules for how man and woman suppose behave for public. Kissing fit land you for jail for Dubai even if na between husband and wife. Oda touch-touch like hugging and holding hands also no dey allowed.


Inside Chinese custom and tradition, any type of touch-touch for public na serious taboo for di kontri.

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