#BirdBoxChallenge: YouTube don ban dangerous pranks

Star of di Bird Box feem, Sandra Bullock wey blindfold her eyes. Image copyright Netflix
Image example Netflix don wan fans make dem no dey do di Bird Box challenge

YouTube don ban prank videos wey dey dangerous, harmful or fit cause emotional wahala from dia video streaming platform.

Dis move dey come afta some reports of some pranks wey don cause death or make pipo wound diasef.

Youtube say those kain videos no get any place for dia platform.

Bird Box Challenge wey be one of di latest dangerous prank for YouTube, start afta Netflix launch one feem, Birdbox wey show as di movie characters dey waka wit blindfold to survive. Na so some pipo wey watch di feem begin blindfold dia eyes dey drive, waka for train track and oda dangerous tins.

YouTube say dem dey also ban pranks wey dey trick pesin to tink say dem dey in serious danger, even if no real threat dey involved.

Di site say e get some pranks wey fit make small pikin wey watch am begin get emotional palava. YouTube dey collabo wit pikin psychologists wey go list di kain tins wey fit cause pikin emotional palava.

YouTube no post di full list but dem say example na pranks wia pesin go trick pikin say dia mama and papa don die.

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