Nigeria 2019 Elections: Wetin zoning mean for Nigerian politics

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Zoning na di method wey any kontri legislative body dey use control land use, wey be say dem go arrange di kain structure wey pipo fit build for di area weda na commercial or residential but for Nigeria, zoning mean anoda tin.

Nigerian history show say before di military coup for 1966, di kontri get three regions - Northern region, Southern region and Eastern region.

Each region bin get dia own goment wit one central goment wey get representative from di three regions. All di regions bin dey develop on dia own jeje until military take ova come make one region become di oga kpata kpata for Nigeria.

Di Nigeria civil war bin make some parts of Nigeria dey feel say nobodi send dem and di military rule no help mata at all as only one part of di kontri just dey produce military officers as heads of state.

Afta Nigeria return to democracy for May 29, 1999, di party wey win di election, Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) come reason say dem gats create formula wey di kontri go dey use share power.

For Nigerian politics, zoning na method wey dem dey use rotate presidential candidates between di north and the south of di kontri through unofficial agreement. Na dis zoning method PDP use to dey rotate power between di north and south. Political sabi pipo say zoning dey important to make sure say one region no go dey produce all di presidential candidates.

Usman Mohammed wey be Associate Professor of Political Science, Kaduna State University tok say na during di Ibrahim Babangida administration dem begin use zoning for political and economic appointments for Nigeria.

Di six geo-political zones for Nigeria na North West, North Central, North East, South South, South West and South East.

From North to South to South

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Image example Yar'Adua bin serve only two terms as President before im die

For di beginning of democracy, General Abdulsalami Abubakar wey be Muslim from di North Central for Niger state bin hand over power to Olusegun Obasanjo wey be Christian from di Southwest of Nigeria. Afta im serve for two terms, di zoning principle bin make PDP pick presidential candidate from di north - Umar Musa Yar'adua wey also be Muslim. But im die afta im serve for about two years wey come make im vice, Goodluck Jonathan become president.

Jonathan wey be Christian from di South South finish di four year term of di Yar'Adua goment come put himself as presidential candidate under PDP for 2011. Dis action scatter di zoning formula of di party wey make plenti pipo for northern Nigeria oppose am.

Inside im book, 'My Transition Hour', former president Goodluck Jonathan write say, "Northerners insist say power don dey di hand of southern Christians for about 13 years and dem want am back."

'Zoning dey produce yeye leaders'

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Image example Former Governor of Cross River state, Donald Duke port comot from PDP because of zoning

Even tho say di zoning policy don come to stay for Nigeria politics, plenti pipo no dey happy wit am.

Former Governor of Cross River state and presidential candidate, Donald Duke bin port go PDP sake of say di party zone dia 2019 presidential ticket go di northern region.

Im say di zoning policy no make sense for di Nigeria as e dey make yeye leaders run di kontri.

Even for di coming 2019 general elections, di two main parties, APC and PDP don use zoning method take select dia presidential candidates from northern Nigeria.

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Pastor or Imam fit tell you who to vote?

Di current president Muhammadu Buhari wey dey contest for re-election under APC na from Katsina state for Northwest of di kontri while im main opposition, Atiku Abubakar wey dey contest under PDP na from Adamawa state, Northeast Nigeria.

Dis one mean say if either of dem win, political power fit remain for di Northern part of di kontri for anoda four years.

E also mean say di southern part of di kontri fit collect power back for 2023. Weda zoning dey promote correct or yeye leadership na argument for anoda day. For now, e be like say some pipo dey happy wit di arrangement so far.

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