India man dey carry im parents go court say dem born am without permission

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Mumbai businessman Raphael Samuel tell BBC say, e dey wrong to cari children come world den put dem for sufferness.

Even though Samuel understand say e no possible to ask for pikin permission before dem born am, im insist say "no be our decision to come world."

So as no be we say make dem born us, we no suppose dey pay to dey alive for di rest of our life. Na so im tok.

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Dis im kain of demand fit caus katakata for family, but Samuel say im no get any wahala wit im parents ( im two parents na lawyer) and e be like say di tin sef dey make dem laff.

Inside one statement im mama Kavita Karnad Samuel explain wetin she tink about "di wahala wey her son don cause."

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"I must admire my pikin courage to wan cari im parents go court even though im know say two of us na lawyers. And if Raphael fit get explanation wey make sense as in how we for fit ask im permission to born am, I go accept my fault."

Samuel base im belief on wetin oyibo dey call anti-natalism - e mean say suffer too much for life so make pipo stop to dey born pikin sharply.

According to am, dis go gradually remove human beings from earth and e go also dey good for di planet.

"E no make sense say human beings dey dis earth. So many pipo dey suffer. If human beings disappear from world, di earth and di animals go happy well well. Dia life go beta pass."

"I know say dem go troway di case becos no judge go wan hear am. But i go still file di case becos I wan make point."

One year ago, im create Facebook page wey em dey call, Nihilanand. For dia, im show im pishure wit plenti fake bear bear and eye mask. "No be kidnapping and slavery to cari pikin come world dem force am to get career?"

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Im Facebook post don attract plenti comments "some dey positive but most of dem dey negative" some dey even abuse am to "go kill mysef." Some mothers wey im tok dey worri don ask am wetin go happun if dia children see im posts.

Im say, to di pipo wey abuse am, "make dem abuse me." But e get ppipo wey dey support me but fear no gree dem come out tok dia mind. "I dey ask dem to come out come tok," na so im tok.

But pipo wey dey bad mouth am say im dey do am to attract attention.

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