Nigeria 2019 elections: Supreme court decision for Rivers no fit stop us - APC

President Buhari and Govnor Nyesom Wike Image copyright Rivers State Govt
Image example Rivers state Govnor Nyesom Wike receive oga Buhari as im land Port Harcourt for di campaign.

Nigeria president Muhammadu Buhari don express im concern on top di Supreme Court judgement on APC candidate participation for di Rivers State govnorship election.

Buhari tok dis one for im campaign for Rivers State, South South Nigeria on Tuesday afta di Supreme Court judges cancel di congress wey produce Tonye Cole as APC govnorship candidate for di 2019 election.

Wit di court decision, APC don loss 32 House of Assembly seats, 13 House of Rep position, three senatorial seat and govrnorship for two states including Rivers state.

"I dey very disturbed say dem no allow us participate for di elections, we go ensure say justice dey for dis kontri"

"We go continue to stand gidigba, we go give everybody justice, I assure una say I no go be president over goment wey go cheat. I go make sure say una vote anybody wey una want across di constituencies."

'We go battle to di last'

BBC tori pesin Karina Igonikon wey bin dey di campaign ground for Port Harcourt report say, as soon as di court decision reach di ear of pipo dia, suddenly more military men appear to protect di place.

Meanwhile di Minister of Transportation Rotimi Amaechi declare as im welcome Buhari come di campaign say dem go battle to di last and anything wey Wike want on Saturday na im dem go give am.

Im say, di opposition party PDP " bin use Federal and state institution against us" but say Saturday na dia day.

"Your Excellency, I no dey go Abuja again, I go tanda here till Saturday, we go battle am to di last."

"Dem don betray me several times but Saturday na awa day." Na so Amaechi tok.

Image example Pipo gada for APC campaign for Port Harcourt

Di APC Rivers Guvnorship Candidate, Tonye Cole say notin fit stop dem, come add say APC Rivers no fit die and dem no dey fear anytin.

Di Chairman of di Party for di state, Ojukaye Flag-Amachree join mouth say despite all di palava and conspiracy against di party for di state, dem stand gidigba for di President back.

Ojukaye say dem go resist evri attempt to stop dem make dem no participate for di elections come beg President Buhari to intervene so dem fit vote who dem want vote for di general elections.

Oda Ogbonge APC big men wey follow show for di rally na Adams Oshiomhole, di National President and Sen. Godswill Akpabio. Dem encourage di pipo say no mata wetin don happen make dem come out in election day with dia pvc vote for President Buhari and follow di leadership of di party.

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