We nova wake-up from bad dream as 'army' kill three for wa family

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Family for Wirgo for Meluf, Kumbo, bui Division di craiy as deh tori how Thursday turn na bad dream for dem as deh loss three pipo one taim.

'Army' broke house enta kill dem for 4:am den shoot dem, de family mimba tell BBC Pidgin.

As de village bin still di sleep, we hear sound for moto, den afta shooting, na so some of we enta bush.

We know sound for military gun, and separatist fighters guns and as we di run we see army car.

Deh also burn plenti house dem and de kweshion weh ah di ask na how de world fit siddon quiet di watch as deh kill pipo everi day, de family mimba ask.

Goment e position na say army di play na dia role for protect pipo and dia cargo, deh di only attack na camp dem for separatists fighters.

Army join mouth wit goment say deh di do dia work correct for defend kontri from armed gangs.

De three pipo for Wirngo family join odas weh deh die as crisis turn worse for Kumbo, Bui Division for Northwest region.

Fada Elvis Nsaikila weh na communication director for Kumbo Diocese inside release say de crisis di daso bad na bad for de area.

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Some pipo di disappear, die bodi dey all side, for seven moons, deh kill 358 pipo some of dem na pipo weh deh get disability.

E mimba how army use life bullet for shoot pipo weh deh bi di march peacefully for Bamenda for 2016.

Even if goment forces and separatist fighters no di gree say deh burn, na about 750 houses and business places dem don turn to ashes since end of 2016 wen de crisis start.

Separatist forces di block road di slow business, kidnap school pikin dem sotei since 2016, na about 19,500 pikin dem no register for catholic primary schools, and 5000 for catholic secondary schools, fada Nsaikila tok.

Bishop for Kumbo Diocese, Georges Nkuo say make all parties stop fight near pipo dia house and hospitals, and call make dem put down dia guns, look for solution for de crisis.

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