World Economic Forum: Muhammadu Buhari say “no territory for Nigeria dey under Boko Haram control”

Muhammadu Buhari Image copyright Muhammadu Buhari

Nigeria Presido, Muhammadu Buhari don tok say Nigeria don make major progress on top di fight for Boko Haram as not one single territory for di kontri dey under di rule of di terrorist group.

Buhari tok dis one for him speech wey he give for di World Economic forum on di Middle East and North Africa wey dey happen for Jordan on Saturday.

He tok say security forces for di kontri don recapture all di territories wey Boko Haram take over for 2014.

Him add say dem also free many Nigerian's wey dey captured before.

President Buhari add for di rest of him speech say him focus on security for him last administration.

He also add say di ecomony grow unto di new policies and that did kontri dey open for business with foreign nations.

Di World Economic on di Middle East and North Africa dey hope to see ways to develop di economy for di region and how goments fit strengthen dia relationship with pipo for di private sector.

Security na one of di big challenges wey president Muhammadu Buhari promise to solve wen e enta office, but cases of kidnapping and Boko Harm attack still dey happun since 2015 wen e start work as elected president.

Dis latest tok about Boko Haram from Buhari dey come di same day wey many pipo across northern Nigeria dey protest about killing wey dey happun for Zamfara north west Nigeria.

No be di first time Buhari dey tok dis kain tin about Boko haram, infact di oda time wey im tok say Nigeria army don defeat Boko Haram, di militant group strike back and many Nigerians no dey satisfied wit di way im goment dey handle security mata for di kontri.

Boko Haram na katakata militant group wey wan use by force turn Nigeria to Islamic state.

Since 2011 till date, di militant group don kill thousands of pipo, destroy plenti communities for northern Nigeria and even get di time wey dem claim say dem dey in control of some local goments.

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