Human Rights Watch say make UN Security Council shine eye for violence for Cameroon

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Human Rights Watch say make United Nations Security Council shine eye for violence for Cameroon as deh di shiddon for tok situation for Cameroon.

UN Security Council go shiddon tok about Cameroon, as America put force make deh tok situation for Anglophone crisis.

De rights group say dis informal meeting fit push international community for shine eye for human rights abuses for Anglophone regions.

"Security Council mimbas tell goment forces and separatists fighter for end abuses for civilians for Anglophone regions and make deh punish pipo weh deh commit abuses", Lewis Mudge, Central African Human Rights Watch Director tok.

"De Meeting na for remind abusers say de world di watch", e add.

Since 2016 weh katakata burst for Anglophone regions Human Rights Watch say na 1800 pipo don die, about half a million pipo for run go oda areas and de crisis cause problems for pipo wit disability and old pipo.

De rights group say goment don kill plenti civilians, burn houses, torture and lock some pipo wit no contact for family or lawyer. Separatists fighters kidnap pipo, among dem school pikin dem and teachers as deh di call for secession.

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De group tori how last April be wowo, goment and security forces kill for more than five pipo. Goment forces steal from shops, spoil oda tins, burn houses.

Dis meeting di kam afta UN Human Rights High Commissioner bin visit Cameroon tok wit different actor about de Anglophone crisis.

De Rights group say make UN put de crisis for Cameroon for yi agenda, push goment for shine eye for goment forces dia abuses and also tell separatists fighters groups say dia leaders go pay for de crimes weh dia fighter commit.

Make de council try for impose sanctions for both high level pipo for goment and for separatists, human rights watch tok.

"For Cameroon for block human rights research and observers na way for hide dia violence and we di ask security council ask Cameroon for allow international human rights organisations and cooperate wit dem", Lewis Mudge tok.

Barrister Nkongho Felix Agbor Balla, Human Rights lawyer don tell BBC News Pidgin say Security council meeting na step for de correct direction as pipo don di call di ask make UN take action.

"Deh go discuss humanitarian crisis and even if no informate go komot, e mean say de world don di hear craiy for pipo for southern Cameroon", Agbor Balla tok.

Pressure di mount and na taim for goment for go down for inclusive dialogue, de Human Rights lawyer tok.

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