Pipeline explosion: Seven more deadi bodi don appear from explosion for Kom Kom

Pipeline explosion:

Dem don find seven more deadi bodi for di pipeline explosion wey kill some pipo over di weekend inside one community for Rivers State.

Relatives of di victims say some deadi bodi wey dey burnt beyond recognition still dey di area where di explosion bin happun on Saturday 22 June, 2019 for Kom Kom Community, Oyigbo Local Gofment Area

Neighbours say na ova 50 pipo die for di explosion but police say na 10 die.

Image example Site wia PPMC pipeline explode

Tori be say for morning on Thursday, 20 June dem begin smell fuel for di area and by Friday, pipo begin troop enta di area to go scoop fuel from pipeline wey dey pass one swamp for di community, according to oga Chibueze Harold Mbakwe wey be di Secretary Harmony Landlords Association.

Di pipeline dey carry petrol wey PPMC get, from Port Harcourt to Aba.

Image example Pipo run comot from dia house for Railway/Harmony Avenue sake of di pipeline explosion

Mbakwe say im warn im pipo make dem no go pack di fuel because of di danger wey dey involved.

"Wen I warn pipo wey dey go down with 20 litre jerry cans say make dem no go, dem tell me say na dia belle dem dey go find, say dem fit sell am for N2,500 take hold dia family cos of how tins be", oga Mbakwe.

Image example PPMC signboard of di pipeline wey dey pass through di area

Mbakwe say di number of pipo wey go pack di fuel plenti because some even cari canoe come from Eleme, Ogoni and Akwa Ibom to come scoop di fuel.

Many of di pipo wey dey stay for Railway road for Harmony Avenue, Komkom wey run comot wen di explosion happun never still come back as dia houses and shops still dey closed.

Image example Cyrus Nkangwung

Meanwhile, officials from National Oil Spill Detectionand Regulation Agency NOSDRA and Petroleum Product Marketing Company PPMC dem go inspect di area and also off di fire wey still bin dey burn for di area.

South South Zonal Cordinator NOSDRA, Cyrus Nkangwung tell BBC Pidgin say dem don come confam di area wia di incident happen and dem go return for joint investigation visit to find out wetin cause di fire and all di tins wey destroy.

"Right now we don see say di area dey calm and di fire wey dey burn na just small fire by di end of today dem go don off am finish. Wetin we go do na to take statistics of wetin happen for di environment both di land, di plants, di human beings, di water body dem wey dey affected."

Di joint investigation visit go involve NOSDR, PPMC, DEpartment of Petroleum Resources DPR and di State Ministry of Environment.

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