Wetin you sabi about Fulani Ruga system?
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Ruga: Wetin you sabi about di herdsmen settlement system?

As Nigeria goment decide to suspend plan wey dem get to establish Ruga ranches for Fulani pipo wey dey rear cattle all over di kontri, BBC Pidgin carry waka enta one of di ruga communities for Kano.

BBC Tok Tok pesin Mansur Abubakar meet wit Mallam Hardo Ruga wey dey for Kumbotso LGA for Kano to see how di present ruga system be and wetin Fulani pipo tink of goment plan plus di suspension.

According to Mallam Garba Hardo wey be Fulani community leader for di ruga, e say Ruga na term wey dem dey use to describe di huts wey dem dey build wen dem settle for one place.

Di leader say dem dey live peacefully wit dia host communities.

"During rainy season na hia we dey wit our family but for dry season we go waka reach far places make our cattle get food chop."

On di plan wey goment suspend Mallam Hardo say e dey necessary to bring am back because dem dey tired of moving around dem want stay one place.

Producer: Mansur Abubakar

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