Anglophone crisis: Sisiku, odas start hunger strike over missing Anglophone prisoners

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Sisiku Julius Ayuktabe and nine oda Southern Cameroon leaders for Kondengui principal prison, start for stay hungry since midnight, July 31 for missing Anglophone prisoners.

For July 22, Kondengui central prison hot as Anglophone prisoners take over de yard for ask why some of dem dey for waiting trial for long taim, condemn condition for prison and chop.

Authorities later take Anglophone prisoners for place weh dia lawyers and family mimbas no get access and na dis wan di worry Sisiku and e kombi dem.

De 10 Anglophone leaders weh deh disappear for Nigeria, appear for Cameroon, write for Justice Minister say for deny chop na dia way for protest, for seka de pipo weh deh di miss for Kondengui and Buea prison especially Mancho Bibixy, Tsi Conrad, Ngalim Felix and odas.

Barrister Affah Victor, confirm for BBC News Pidgin say de hunger strike start. E explain, "We go SED yesterday, but we no see de Anglophone prisoners, even if get informate say deh torture dem. Deh tell we say deh dey alife but we need for see dem, know dia condition".

"Sisiku and odas go continue wit dia hunger strike until dey show wusai de prisoners dem dey. Na why weh we want make international community put eye for dis mata". Affah tok.

Ministry of Communication for tweeter say no bi true say deh pipo weh deh move dem for central prison don die.

For release afta de riot for prison, Rene Emmanuel Sadi, goment tok-tok pesin bin say deh identify 177 pipo weh na ring leaders weh deh hand over for judicial police for 'exploitation'.

According to wetin dem write to di Justice Minister, de Anglophone leaders say anoda reason for de hunger strike na torture for one of dia defence team, and how security forces di put de life for oda team mimbas for danger, deh shoot and miss two for Bamenda.

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De Anglophone leaders also tok for wetin dem call de killings by security forces for de two regions, violation for right for fair trial, bad chop, place for sleep and how deh deny make family no get visitor's pass for visit dem. Fear na say deh go don torture sotei kill dem.

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Image example Since 1 October 2017 wey secessionist group declare freedom from La Republic na im katakata increase for southern Cameroon

Anglophone crisis start for 2016 goment catch de leaders weh deh declare state for ambazonia for 2018 bring dem for Cameroon plus odas for Anglophone regions weh deh kam lock dem for Kondengui prison.

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