Cameroon music association go meet for helep musicians wey deh di sick

Musicians di di do we no go gree for front Prime Minister e office
Image example Musicians di do we no go gree for front of Prime Minister e office

Condition for some Cameroonian musicians di worri as deh di sick and no even get moni to go hospital.

Na video for popular musician for August 15, Nguea Laroute for social media, make pipo wanda how big musicians weh deh don make kontri shine for high level fit sick laik dis no get moni for go hospital.

Ma Nguea say e don sick for many years and de moni weh e bin get finish for merecin, deh even wan operate ask FCFA 10 million and e no get.

So for video e di beg Ma Chantal, President Biya e woman and oda pipo weh get sorry heart for helep e go for treatment.

Mama Nguea no bi de only musician weh e dey for bad condition, Henri Njoh, Marthe Zambo and mani odas too need help.

San Fan Thomas, president for Cameroon music artist association, SONACAM, tell BBC Pidgin say for Monday, musicians go shiddon for meeting check how deh fit helep dia colleague.

For yi any man fit sick and musician e situation no suppose bi different.

But anoda popular musician, Romeo Dika say condition for Cameroonian musicians na result for weti weh de put dem selves inside, quarrel wit odas and no di care for general interest.

"Cameroonian artist create dia own problems, enta war weh e no di make dem progress".

Musicians weh deh don put de kontri up, bi laik pipo weh deh no anytin for kontri but weh 50 years afta musician die, e music rights continue for enta for public space for goment Dika tok.

So goment get for take care for famous musicians for dia life taim.

Bidoung Mpkwatt, Minister for Culture don send pipo for check de condition for Mama Nguea and sick musicians for see how deh fit take care for dem wit dia small moni.

But Dika check e own say musicians fit push goment for make law for change position for musician, for dia social security, deh fit place dem laik workers.

Also, if musicians wan make dia condition change deh get for check weti bi more important for dia life and professional progress.

Make musicians look weti fit bi general interest, share dem, instead for look only for personal interest and small rights moni weh e no fit do anything Dika insist.

Cameroon musicians get plenti problems wit dia rights as goment di sometiam poke nose for musicians dis association.

Some musicians even komot go shiddon for Prime Minister e office last year for fain solution for dia rights moni weh deh no pay.

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