Sisiku Ayuk, nine oda Southern Cameroon leaders go stay for prison for life

Anglophone leaders
Image example Sisiku Julius Ayuk Tabe wit yi lawyers

Cameroon military court, wit Misse Misse Njone as president, don sentence Southern Cameroon leaders Sisiku Julius Ayuk Tabe for life imprisonment.

Ayuk and odas go also pay court FCFA 250 billion for damages and and FCFA 12, 510,822,780 weh na moni weh court spend'am.

De oda nine pipo dem na Nfor Ngala Nfor, Tasang Wilfred Fombang, Henry Kimeng, Cornelius, Njikimbi Kwanga, Fidelis Che, Che Augustin Awasum, Egbe Orock, Eyemba Elias Ebae and Shufain Blaise Sevidzem Beriynuy.

De Southern Cameroon leaders bin disappear from Nera Hotel for Nigeria den Cameroon goment later bring dem for kontri and deh don di appear for court.

Deh bin di answer for military court for rebellion, terrorism, hostility for state, insurrection, no identity card, and oda crimes dem. But deh bin tell court one tain say deh no bi Cameroonians.

De case start yesterday for 1:00pm last till dis early morning wen court sentence dem for life.

Image copyright Sisiku Julius Ayuk Tabe/Twitter

Barrister Fru Joseph, tell BBC News Pidgin say e bi rare say pesin go court for kam back for evening, den you end up for morning.

"Before we bin walk out, but for night we witdraw we representation as we vex for injustice, because e for be laik say bi accomplice", Fru tok .

"We bin outline eight situations dem weh court show injustice. We clients for dia rights say de judge bi bias, and ah deh wan make e continue try de case.

"Deh give one copy for decision say make e no try de case for e-mail, judge pretend say e no see de mail, deh show receipt but e deny document, Fru add.

"Judge bi bi determined for continue wit de case, so we witdraw but we stay for court like observers watch dia cinema until dis morning weh deh sentence we clients for prison for life", Fru tok.

Ayuk dia lawyers go meet for decide if deh wan appeal de judgment; na im declare state for Ambazonia and e bi first interim president.

Deh disappear for Nera Hotel for Abuja and goment later bring dem for Cameroon.

Even den Anglophone crisis still di continue and about 500,000 pipo don run go oda areas for kontri, 33,000 refugees dey Nigeria, 2000 pipo do die, hunger di finish some as tok for dialogue nova get headway.

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