Abuja community wey pikin dem dey die sake no hospital moni
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Abuja community wia pikin dem dey die sake of no beta hospital

To give birth to pikin suppose be time for celebration, but for most poor women for Chibiri community for Kuje local goment area of Abuja Nigeria, na time for weeping and sorrow.

21 year old Janet bin dey prepare to welcome her first child, but wen labour come, she no get moni to go hospital. Some old women for her compound try to epp her deliver but in di process, her pikin die and since den she neva heal from her pain.

Janet and many indigenous Abuja women no get access to medical health and medical personnel wen dem dey give birth.

Many of dem tell BBC pidgin say dem no get moni to go hospital for town.

President Muhammadu Buhari bin promise for 2015 to repair more than 10 thousand primary health care centre to solve dis wahala but na only 109 goment don renovate yet.

According to di United Nations Children's Fund, one out of every 34 pikin wey dem born for Nigeria, dey die before dia first birthday.

Producer: Dooshima Abu

Video journalist: Fatima Othman

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