Khachaturyan sisters wey kill papa wey abuse dem touch Russian pipo heart

Khachaturyan sisters, 26 Jun 19 Image copyright Getty Images
Image example At di time of dia father death, Angelina (L) na 18, Maria (C) na 17 and Krestina 19

For July 2018 three young sisters stab dia papa to death for im sleep for dia house for Moscow, Russia.

Police confirm say di girls papa abuse dem physically and mentally for years.

Afta dem charge di sisters wit murder, wetin suppose happun to dem turn hot topic of discussion for Russia and more dan 300,000 pipo don sign petition make dem release dem.

Wetin happun to di papa?

On di evening of July 27, 2018 Mikhail Khachaturyan wey dey 57 years, call im three daughters Krestina, Angelina and Maria wey be di youngest dat time, come im room one by one. Im begin quarrel dem say dem no clean di house well, come spray dem pepper spray for face.

Afta some time, as im dey sleep, di girls attack am with knife, hammer and pepper spray, dem wunjure am for head, neck and chest. Wen dem find am, im bin get reach 30 knife wounds.

Den di girls come call police, dia and den di police arrest dem.

Investigation show say, e don tey dey violence don dey di family.

Khachaturyan dey beat im daughters for more dan three years, e go torture dem, lock dem like prisoners den also abuse dem sexually.

Domestic violence

Di case quickly blow for Russia. Human rights pipo say di girls no be criminals but victims as dem bin no get any way to get help and protection from dia abusive papa.

But Russia no get any law wey dey protect domestic violence victims.

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Image example Solidarity rally for St Petersburg: Di banner tok say "Freedom for the Khachaturyan Sisters"

According to law wey dem introduce for 2017, any pesin wey beat family member for di first time, but no beat am enough to put am for hospital, go face only fine plus two weeks for police custody.

Police for Russia dey usually treat domestic violence as "family issue", so dem no dey provide any help at all.

Di sisters mama wey bin also suffer beating and abuse for Khachaturyan hand before, bin go police for help some years back. Even dia neighbours wey dey seriously fear di man also go police. But noting to show say police bin do anytin to help.

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Image example Di girls dia mother, Aurelia Dunduk, say Mikhail pursue her commot di flat for 2015

At di time wey di murder happun di girls mama no dey live wit dem again and Khachaturyan forbid im daughters to reach out to her.

According to psychiatric report, di girls bin dey live on dia own and bin dem dey suffer from post traumatic stress (PTSD).

No information day on how many women dey suffer from domestic violence for Russia, but according to human rights pipo e fit reach as many as one in four families.

If dem find di girls guilty, dem fit face up to 20 years in jail, but dia lawyers say di killing na act of self-defence.

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