FBI List: Surrender and go clear your name if e dey US list of yahoo-yahoo - Abike Dabiri

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Image example Yahoo yahoo boys dey try get personal information to tiff moni from pipo wit computer

Nigerians in Diaspora Commission don advise those wey dia name appear for list of 80 pipo wey America goment dey accuse of yahoo yahoo say make dem surrender on dia own or di goment go hand dem ova give America.

Abike Dabiri-Erewa wey be oga for di commission tok for one statement say belle no sweet dem as America name plenti Nigerians for di list.

"We dey deeply concern about di news of di arrest of 80 pesin, mainly Nigerians for different parts of US, wey dem accuse on top separate FBI cases of ogbonge email fraud and money laundering."

Madam Abike say although di accuse no mean say dem dey guilty but dem dey hope say United state give all of dem fair and sharp-sharp trial.

She tok say before now, America FBI don bin arrest Valentine Iro and Chukwudi Christogunis Igbokwe for Los Angeles, While dem also gbab Obinwanne Okeke for Virginia.

Abike Dabiri-Erewa add say di fact say few Nigerians dey do magamago, no represent all Nigerians.

Recently, United States Department of Justice (DoJ) release names of 80 pipo, most of dem Nigerians, on top accuse of yahoo-yahoo and oda magomago offence.

One online video don show as United States goment official dey arrest Nigerians wey dem accuse of yahoo-yahoo and oda mago-mago offence for dia kontri.

For di video wey Tori pipo ABCNEWS release for Twitter on Friday e show as officials dey arrest pipo for Los Angeles.

Na just last week anoda tori bin comot of one Nigerian, Obinwanne Okeke, wey dem arrest for internet mago-mago for America.

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