Anglophone crisis: America warn e kontri pipo say security situation for Cameroon no fain

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America don tell e kontri pipo say security situation for Cameroon still no good make dem take care.

No bi de first taim weh America di warn e kontri pipo for take care about security for kontri as deh bin don warn dem one taim make deh no go for Anglophone regions.

America pipo get for follow correct security practices, get informate for de situation, bi ready, prepare and remain safe if crisis start.

Also deh get for register for get safety and security messages, get their passport ready, no join public meetings weh deh fit start fain but end for wowo way.

America send worri signal for taim weh school just start for Cameroon but de situation for Anglophone region nova bi stable.

Separatists bin impose lockdown from number 2-6 say for September for support dia leader weh military court sentence for prison for life and for spoil school reopen as goment no ready for dialogue.

Wen Joseph Beti Assomo, defence minister bin hold meeting for August 31 wit governors, security officials, for different regions, deh say situation for Northwest and Southwest and for Far North Cameroon di worry.

Deh say separatists dia call for stop school di force authorities for reinforce security, stop or answer for any attack.

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