Abuja crime: Nigeria capital dey among di safest city for di world'?

Nigerian Police IGP Mohammed Adamu Image copyright Nigeria Police force

Recently, killings and different kain crimes don shake Nigeria capital, Abuja wey pipo believe say dey safe pass for di konrtri wey dey get serious security palava.

Di Inspector General of Police, Mohammed Adamu bin try cal pipo blood pressure say Abuja get one of di lowest crime rates for di world.

But na true im tok?

Before we enta to check numbers, make we look how much you fit trust crime statistics wey dey comot from Nigeria.

Sabi pipo no dey rate am at all. One United Nations report tok about Nigeria murder informate say e dey "e no too pure."

Security sabi pipo tok say pipo no dey report cases give police because dem no believe say anytin go happun, police no full ground and dem no trust police.

Even sef di International Police Science Association wey get security sabi pipo rank Nigerian police last for world on top corruption mata how pipo fit trust police and security..

So e sure say di numbers on crimes for Abuja go dey smaller than how crime dey actually happun.

Oya make we enta informate wey dey ground. First na murder rates wey no include by accident killi-killi.

Global kill-kill numbers for ever 100,000

Image example Na form di Nigeria's National Bureau of Statistics and UNODC

Dis measure from di Nigerian National Bureau of Statistics tok say Abuja no be di safest for even Nigeria as Lagos get lower murder rates pass Abuja.

Make we look oda forms of measurement.

Di Economic Intelligence Unit dey publish report everi year ontop urban crime wey dey rank 60 kontris.

According to dem di safest African city na Johannesburg for South Africa for number 44. Dem neva add Abuja sha but Lagos cari last position.

According to Nigeria data, crime dey three times as much, but make you remember Lagos big pass Abuja and di rate of murder for Abuja even plenti pass Lagos own.

So, straight up, Abuja no dey di league of Tokyo, Singapore, Osaka and Amsterdam, wey dey among di list of safest states for world.

BBC Hausa tok say pipo for dia dey fear sake of how kidnapping don increase and dem dey disappointed ontop wetin di IGP tok.

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