America say make Cameroon goment investigate killing for prison official

Florence Ayafor Image copyright Florence ayafor/facebook

American Embassy don tell Cameroon goment for investigate shocking killing for official, Florence Ayafor for Bamenda for end of September.

Tori na say deh catch Florence Ayafor, mami for three pikin dem, naked e, torture, kill and cut h e head for Pinyin village, about 20km from Bamenda, Northwest Cameroon.

Video for how deh drag deh nake woman for road wit rope for e nake, den as one of gunmen cut de head hold'am for hand bin circulate for social media.

"We di call on Cameroon goment for make careful and balance investigate, punish de pipo weh deh commit dis crime and odas killings, do fair and clear trial", American Embassy write.

Violence no bi de answer, make pipo for both side for dis conflict for Northwest and Southwest regions stop violence and enta dialogue wit no condition, American embassy tok.

Cameroonians, political leaders, rights groups and odas too don condemn dis killing and some don start campaign for social media for find justice dis prison official. #IamFlorenceAyafor

Wen Cameroon star player, Nchout Njoya Ajara score de goal weh e qualify Cameroon for next round for Tokyo 2020 Olympics, e dedicate de qualify for Florence Ayafor.

Rights groups also condemn de brutal killing. Centre for Human Rights and Democracy in Africa, CHRDA say dis act go against international humanitarian law. Deh say na human rights abuse and war crimes den tell separatists fighters make deh stop for kill civilians.

Cameroon Women's Peace Movement don organise candlelight night wake for pray make Florence Ayafor rest in peace.

No bi de first taim deh di kill pesin cut head or some parts for Northwest Cameroon as Anglophone crisis di so-so go for before.

Even as national dialogue for find solution for de crisis bin di go on, violence bi still dey for de two regions, kidnappings, and killings.

Anglophone crisis weh e start peace for 2016 turn bloody wit killings for civilians weh deh bi for middle separatist fighters and goment forces. Just now about 2000 pipo don die for dis Anglophone crisis.

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