Twitter: Jack Dorsey wan ban all political adverts

Jack Dorsey

Wia dis foto come from, Reuters

Twitter don redi to ban all political adverts for dia social media app.

Oga of Twitter Jack Dorsey say pipo suppose work hard to gain wide spread of dia political message, no be to use moni buy am.

"Tho internet advertising dey powerful and e dey bring results for commercial advertisers, dat kain power fit bring risk to politics," Dorsey write for Twitter.

Di tori of di ban bin divide political camps for America for di 2020 election.

Brad Parscale, manager of President Donald Trump re-election campaign, tok say di ban na "just anoda way to silence Trump and conservatives".

But Bill Russo, tok-tok pesin of di campaign to elect Democratic Joe Biden, say: "Wen you face choice between moni and integrity, e make sense say for once, no be moni win."

Di Twitter ban go take effect from November 22 and dem go release full details on November 15.

But no be only politicians for obodo oyibo dis ban go affect.

During di 2019 general elections for Nigeria, Twitter na one of di online platforms wey some politicians use spread dia campaign message through sponsored adverts.

Meanwhile, one of Twitter main rival, Facebook also cancel ban wey dem bin place on political ads from dia platform.

Facebook oga Mark Zuckerberg defend im company policy during one conference call wit journalists

Im say: "For democracy, I no feel say e dey right for private companies to dey censor politicians or news."