Oscars don disqualify anoda feem wey tell Nigerian tori sake of too much English

Joy Image copyright Screenshot from di feem

Oscars don disqualify one feem wey dem call 'Joy' from di International Feature category sake of say dem speak too much English inside.

'Joy' na feem about sex trafficking wey dem act for Austria but na Nigerian actors full inside.

Jennifer Davidson wey be di tok-tok pesin of di Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences wey dey review International Feature category of di Oscars confirm di tori give BBC.

Di Academy say, "We review di feem "Joy" wey Austria submit and e no qualify because na only 33% of di language wey dem speak inside di feem no be for English language."

Dis one dey come afta Oscars disqualify Nigerian feem "LionHeart" because dem speak too much English inside.

Plenti Nigerians for social media bin hala say why dem go disqualify LionHeart. Dem argue say English na di official language for di kontri.

Odas tok say dem no for submit LionHeart for dat category for Oscars wen dem alredi sabi di rules about language.

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