"Dem torture am, break im legs, Chima die in pain" - Family

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Justice for Chima: 'Dem torture Chima, break im legs, Chima die in pain' - family

Mechanics and business pipo For Ikoku Spare Parts Market for Mile 2 Diobu, Port Harcourt do protest on Monday to demand justice for di death of one of dia own, Chima Ikwunado.

Dem carry placard, burn tyres and block di major roads for Port Harcourt, come give one week to security agencies and E-Crack team to produce di pipo wey kill Chima odawise dem go do bigger protest for di State.

Anthony Iwu wey be Chairman of Abuja-Bypass Business owners say dem also dey demand justice and release for di four oda boys wey dey prison custody on allegation of robbery and cultism, say all of dem dey innocent of di accusation against dem.

'Na police kill am' - Chima Family

Police for Port Harcourt, Rivers state bin arrest Chima ontop accuse of armed robbery, na for custody wia im dey im die.

Police say autopsy wey dem do show say Chima die from high sugar level but di family don deny am.

Chima family say im no get any sickness or health condition to warrant high sugar level for im body sotey cause im death as police say dia autopsy report show.

Obinna Ezirim, cousin to Chima wey go visit am when im bin dey police detention, tell BBC Pidgin say, Chima get serious wound for im legs and im beg dem to do evritin to comot am from police hand.

Image example Kevin Ikwunado na Chima papa

Chima elder brother, Anthony Ikwunado tell BBC Pidgin say information dem get from di oda four boys dem arrest wit Chima say im die on 23 December, 2019.

"Dem torture Chima, dem break im legs say Chima die in pain. Dem hang Chima for air for two hours go dia patrol, wen dem come back dem loose am, Chima fall for ground like cocoyam. Na dem carry am put inside dia vehicle, dem drive off. Chima die on 23 December, Na so di boys tell me." Anthony Ikwunado tok

Papa of Chima, Kevin Ikwunado say since im hear of Chima death, im no fit eat or sleep, na just to cry because na Chima dey take care of am, so im want justice as im son no fit just die like dat becos im drive one way.

"My pikin Chima no be thief, im no be robber, Na mechanic im be." im tok.

Image example Obinna Ezirim na Chima cousin wey go visit am for prison

One of Chima customers Erepamo Eradiri wey be Software Engineer say, Chima na im mechanic wey im don know for over four years and na im dey repair all im cars, im no ever make report say im motor dey stolen so e surprise am wen di Police for E-Crack say im motor na stolen vehicle.

"Ok if you check di charge sheet wey police take carry di oda four boys go court, dem charge dem to court on 9 January 2020 meanwhile dem don release my car on 30 December 2019, dem release di oda car, and I no ever tok say anybody thief my car.

Image example Anthony Ikwunado say dem torture Chima break im legs

"Dem torture am, break im legs, Chima die in pain" - Family

"10 days after dem release our cars to us dem still go charge di boys say dem rob, di robbery still dey di charge sheet. You no go fear police?!

"I want justice and Chima no go just die for my mata I keep quiet, e no dey fair." Na so Eradiri tok

Police say di E- Crack officers wey involve for Chima mata don go Abuja for more Investigation as Rivers State Commissioner of Police Mustapha Dandaura don also order State CID to handle di investigation and dem go do justice.

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