Kano: How five pipo die as dem go pack sand

Place wey pipo dey pack Sand for Sanbauna village.

Wia dis foto come from, Kano State Fire Service

Di pipo of Sanbauna village for Kano, northwest Nigeria still dey mourn after sand wey dem go pack kill five pipo four days ago.

Shuaibu Abdullahi wey dey stay di village lose im female child Dije Shuaibu for di accident but im male child survive and e tell BBC Pidgin say e dey very sad but lucky at di same time say one of im pikin Ibrahim Shuaibu survive.

"Wetin happun be say dem go wia pipo dey pack sand to sell, for many years pipo of our village especially women dey do dis trade, so as dem dey pack di sand because na inside hole dem dey na im di one wey dey top fall on top dem, apart from my son, all di oda 5 pipo including my daughter die."

"Ibrahim na 5 year old and im decide to follow im sister go di sand place and dia e happun, i personally take wetin happun as an act of God, i dey sad but God don write say naso this thing go happun."

Mallama Maimuna Shuaibu na mother to Dije wey die and Ibrahim wey wunjure and she also tell BBC say di thing dey pain her say dis bad thing happun to her children but na destiny.

"No be say Dije dey even too go dia sef na just destiny and di thing come happun on di day wey her brother decide to follow her, e dey very painful but wetin man go do."

"I last see her around 11 am before she comot go di sand place but i no know say na di last time be dat."

Wia dis foto come from, Credit Kano Fire Service

Wetin we call dis foto,

Wia di accident happun

Zakariya Garba Sanbauna na eyewitness and e tell BBC say wetin cause di whole palava na poverty because if not for poverty pipo wey die no go go dey pack sand dey colect N20 per bowl.

"Wetin happun be say our pipo dey go pack sand for di place and over di years di place don become big manhole and u know how e be say di more una dey dig pack di upper side dey become more exposed, so na dat upper side fall on top dem as dem dey inside di hole."

"We spend like 6 hours alongside Fire Service pipo before we comot di pipo wey die and Ibrahim Shuaibu wey survive, di whole thing dey sad."

"Wetin dey vex me be say a bowl of di sand wey dem dey pack na just N20 so u can imagine di suffer before u even get N200 so na poverty cause am, i dey beg goment to make life easier for pipo."

Zakariyya add say after dem sell di sand, pipo wey buy am dey carry am go Wambai market for Kano wia dem dey turn am into powder wey woman dey use do make up.

Tok tok pesin of Kano Fire Service Saidu Mohammed confam wetin happun to BBC and add say dem try wella but unfortunately na only Ibrahim survive di accident.

"After we receive di distress call from Sanbauna village we rush go dia and we try rescue di pipo wey sand bury but unfortunately na only 5 year old Ibrahim we fit rescue, di oda ones don die by di time we comot dem."