BBC Sex for Grades: Gyampo, Butakor suspension be good, but punishment be light’ - University of Ghana Students

Prof. Ransford Gyampo and Dr. Paul Butakor
Wetin we call dis foto,

According to de University for statement wey dem release inside, de suspensions take effect from January 1, 2020.

Some students for University of Ghana don begin react to suspension of di two lecturers for di school wey chop suspension for six and four months each sake of one BBC sex for grades investigation last year.

Students of di university wey follow BBC Pidgin tok on Tuesday, say de decision of management to suspend two lecturers be good, but de punishment be light.

University of Ghana management slap Prof. Ransford Gyampo den Dr. Paul Butakor six den four months suspension without pay.

According to de University for statement wey dem release inside, de suspensions take effect from January 1, 2020.

Some students hail de move by de University when BBC Pidgin talk to dem for campus.

"De initiative be good but de punishment no be enough, six months den four month no go prevent other lecturers from doing the same thing" Abraham talk BBC Pidgin.

Another student, Denis talk say "de move go motivate students make dem fit report when lecturers try say dem go harass dem."

Oda students who BBC Pidgin tok to also explain say de suspension be good, wey de annual assessment wey de two lecturers for go through saf go help stop den tins for campus.

Director of Public Affairs for University of Ghana, Stella Annan wey sign de statement reveal say "Prof. Gyampo den Dr. Butakor for go through appropriate training on de University of Ghana's Sexual Harassment and Misconduct Policy, plus de Code of Conduct for Academic Staff of de University of Ghana."

"Wey dem for get positive assessment afta de training before dem go resume dema duties" de statement add.

In addition, de University of Ghana say dem for go through annual assessment for 5 years. Dis go be part of processes wey go help de University observe day dem dey live by de sexual harassment den misconduct policy or not.

BBC Sex for Grades investigations for West African universities last year expose de two Ghanaian lecturers as dem dey sexually harass undercover reporters wey BBC send go de campus as students.

Despite say dem deny de allegations, de University of Ghana disciplinary committee pursue de matter, dem set up Fact-Finding Committee wey look inside.

De Fact-Finding committee say dem discover say de two lecturers breach "relevant provisions on misconduct" in de code of conduct for senior members .

After dem hand de facts give de university Disciplinary Committee who finally recommend de suspension of de two.