Ngarbuh killings: Human Rights Watch blame Cameroon forces, armed Fulani

Cameroon Army

Wia dis foto come from, Cameroon Army/Facebook

Human Rights Watch, (HRW) afta investigate for Ngarbuh, Donga and Mantung Division for Northwest Cameroon blame army and armed Fulani for de killing of 21 pipo for di area.

For number 14 day for February, kontri pipo die for shocking killings for Ngarbuh. 13 pikin dem, woman weh e bi get belle die, deh burn five houses dem, destroy property and beat pipo.

Goment react afta three days say na by accident weh army di chase separatists' fighters, weh fuel explode kill five pipo, one woman and four pikin dem.

Cameroon Minister for external relations Lejeune Mbella Mbella, for United Nations Human Rights 43rd meeting weh from February 24-March 20, confam weti army and goment say, say na five pipo die during exchange wit separatists forces.

One 32 years man weh e see how deh di kill e family tok for HRW say "wen ah hear gunshots, ah komot for hide corner man house. Ah see as military di shoot ma family mimbas as deh try for run. Deh shoot we mami first, den de pikin dem and dia bodi fall ontop her own, den deh put fire for ma house".

Residents tell HRW say fight no bi dey between goment forces and separatist fighters, deh no also hear explosion, and say na planned killings.

One witness also tell HRW say, e see soldiers including BIR and armed Fulani enta Ngarbuh.

Illaria Allegrozzi, Human Rights Watch researcher say "for deny crimes for army na anoda level of trauma for pipo weh deh survive, and e di also give pawa for goment forces for kill more".

De sabi person stress need for objective, correct investigate and punishment get for bi for de shocking killings.

"Make Cameroon e partners dem stop military cooperation till wen deh go don shine eye for dis mata for make sure say assistance no di helep dem for kill more", Allegrozzi add.

No bi de first taim weh goment di cover army say deh bi professional. For 2018 wen viral video komot weh soldiers kill woman and pikin dem for Far North Cameroon, goment bi first deny say na for Mali.

Afta, deh arrest seven soldiers, weh deh di try dem for chambers and public no get idea how dat kana trial fit bi free and fair.

Since weh separatists' fighters start carri guns for Anglophone crisis weh e start for 2016, army and separatists kill civilians, destroy cargo, burn houses.

Just now 3000 pipo don die, about 600,000 run go odas areas, 600,000 pikin dem komot for school and just now de crisis no di show sign for end.