Coronavirus: Kem Senou don speak on di drugs wey heal am from COVID-19 disease

  • Leocadia Bongben
  • BBC News Pidgin, Cameroon
Kem Senou dey collect injection

Wia dis foto come from, Kem Senou

Cameroonian student, Kem Senou Pavel weh e well from Coronavirus, Covid-19, for Jinzhou-China say e bi take some drug na through oxygen wen e spend 13 days for hospital.

For February news komot from Cameroon student community for China say Ken Senou Pavel, dey hospital for China as e test positive wit coronavirus.

But since weh hospital declare Kem Senou free from Coronavirus e still dey only for yi apartment and di still take merecine.

Ken Senou no know de merecine weh e treat e. "Ah bi take drips and merecine weh de names dem na for Chinese, three taims for one day. Ah take one through oxygen for ten days and even now ah still di take merecine", Kem Senou tell BBC News Pidgin.

For dis 21 years old Cameroon student for Jinzho weh e motivation for live and for helep e family, doctor advice say make e no do sport and rest plenti.

"Deh gum paper for ma door weh if I komot e go tear and deh go know, deh di even arrest pipo weh deh di waka for street", e tok.

De fear na say ah fit still get anoda infection, e add.

Kem Senou say special pipo dey weh deh di give chop for students as plenti still dey for some kana 'house arrest'.

Dis Cameroonian student say de sick disturb more psychologically, inside e head. "You no di feel any pain, but na wen deh make scan for lungs weh deh result di frighten you", e tok.

De good tin na say hospital medical team, nurses bi di work all taim, check patients all taim, disinfect de rooms, deh no bi di sleep, woman dem ut dia hair and Kem Senou di still thank dem.

Kem Senou e worry now na say if coronavirus enta Cameroon e go hard for fight'am wit de condition for health system.

"Ah di fear say pipo di waka di contaminate odas, and ah no wan imagine weti go happen if de virus spread for Africa". E say make all man put hand for fight de virus.

How Kem bin get di Coronavirus

Yangtze University for China announce on 2 February 2020, say Cameroonian student for China, Kem Senou Pavel Darly di suffer from Coronavirus for hospital,

From de release from university, deh say de student bin go hospital for number 19 day for January afta e komot Jingzhou.

E bi get fever, cough, e legs weak and diarrhoea, den university go chest hospital for number 28 day for January, de university tok.

According to Senou family and Cameroon embassy, di University admit e wen dem diagnose e wit coronavirus pneumonia afta two days and university helep e for put smile for e face.

About 300 Cameroonian students and workers na im dey for China. Alreadi President Paul Biya don send FCFA 50 million ($80,000) and one Cameroon player Bassogong Christian wey dey base for China don also donate FCFA 10million ($16,000) money go assist kontri pipo wey dey dia.

US embassy di help Cameroon for prepare should in case

US embassy don tok how deh assist Cameroon for develop way for check pipo for border, prepare labs and centres for isolation, supply test kits and train teams for act quick for ten regions.

Cameroon dey on alert for coronavirus

Cameroon minister of Health, Manaouda Malachie di call on kontri pipo make deh di observe hygiene rules, and make travellers weh deh komot from kontris weh deh get de virus report for health authorities make deh monitor dem.

If de travellers get signs laik catarrh, cough and fever make deh call 1510, Minister write for release.

Cameroon don put tracking system for ground wit name and phone number for all man weh e enta kontri, which knotris deh komot from, and quarter deh di stay.

Minister say one American man for Maroua test negative afta Centre Pasteur check e for Coronavirus.