Coronavirus Tips: From cybersex to distant rooftop meals - dis lockdown dating tori dem go tortori you

A woman holds a pillow while looking sad
Wetin we call dis foto,

Clarisse is really missing her boyfriend and worries their relationship won't survive the time apart

Dating no easy at all on a normal day. But now wey dis coronavirus don lock more than quarter of di world for lockdown.

And social distancing na di order of di day, di complete opposite of Wetin pesin dey do wen dem wan sabi rain to some romantic levels.

So how e dey affect relationships worldwide. We get five pipo dem tori wey gist is how dem dey work am for dis social distancing.

Warning: Dis tori contain adult themes wey fit make conji hold you

Sophie*, aged 27, from Shanghai, China

Wetin we call dis foto,

Sophie says swiping left and right on dating apps, with her cat, became entertainment

I break up with my ex one week before Wuhan lockdown and most of China too. Nobodi sabi say dis kain tin go happun.

E bin dey hard to handle di mata alone so I come enta dating apps. No be say I dey find something serious but e gimme something to do.

I bin match with pesin but di gist go reach one point wey e go finish and then you gats meet.

All public places and restaurants dem don close, and even if you dey cafe, you still dey for your bubble with your mask and that dey male dating to no make sense again.

So I don stop am cos e no make any sense. Dating without say you touch di pesin dey okay if una don dey date for some time.

But virus don scata plenti tins for online dating and I no get hope say e go beta.

Jeremy Cohen, aged 28, from Brooklyn, US

Wetin we call dis foto,

Jeremy got a date after flying a drone, carrying his phone number, to his single neighbour

To keep myself busy for house alone I bin dey dey snap pipo for dia roof, na so I jam dis babe for her roof, I wave her she wave, na im I carry my drone send am my number.

She come text me. For our first date, we stay for di roof of our houses for FaceTime ourselves as we dey for our roof dey chop dinner.

For di second date, I enter bubble so I go near di line but no cross am. can put our tori and e go viral.

Na di two of us dey organize di interview requests we dey get and somehow, e make us closer.

Maybe if we no dey lockdown, we no go meet. But because I stay inside box, I need dey creative to meet pesin

Clarisse, aged 35, from Kinshasa, Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC)

Wetin we call dis foto,

Lockdown is changing the way we date

I bin dey casual relationship before dis tin start and who go guess am dat dis kain tin dey happun.

Dem neva do lockdown for DR Congo yet but because I dey work for humanitarian organization I dey take am serious.

But I'm dey vex cos I'm tink say I no wan see am again. I miss am and im physical intimacy.

We all want sex but I dey careful and thank god say my vibrator na my best friend. Im sef know.

But still I dey lonely and I no think our relationship fit survive dis Covid -19 period because I stop to dey see am four weeks ago.

Debasmita, aged 24, from New Delhi, India

Wetin we call dis foto,

Debasmita is enjoying her virtual relationship with her new partner

Wen I start to date my current boyfriend three months ago I happy say at least dis one dey my city as all my former relationships na long distance.

Den dis virus mata start and turn our relationship to long distance. We dey stream movies together, play online quizzes, and even cook do same food to dey in touch.

But no be Wetin we plan be dis and e dey put pressure and sometimes we dey argue plenti, as we don sabi how to tok face to face wey dey reduce fight and we no fit do like dat.

But we dey laugh say we go gist pipo Wetin do our relationship for dis early stage and e dey special.

Julie, aged 24, from Iligan City, Philippines

Wetin we call dis foto,

Julie says she masturbates daily since the lockdown

I don dey Tinder for two months now. Before dem close di kontri, I dey go out on dates with random men, dey make out when I get chance sha.

Now I come get free time and I no fit go dates and my sex luge dey boring because I no dey date anyone wey I fit knack.

But I don dey active for dating apps and dey even do cybersex with some of di men dia. Wetin we fit do, no be Wetin we want but di kontri dey on lockdown.

No way to meet each other and to complicate di mata I dey my university dorm and I dey very horny.

I don dey masturbate everyday now, sometimes even pass one per day but maybe dat Na di new normal.

* we change Sophie name on top say she ask.

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