Lockdown extension in Lagos: Di state wan shutdown again? See wetin we know

  • Ogechi Obidiebube
  • BBC News Pidgin, Lagos
Bus conductor wey dey call for passengers

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Wetin we call dis foto,

Compliance level of safety measures for Lagos dey poor according to di state Govnor

Authorities for Lagos, Nigeria commercial centre dey ask pipo wey dey live inside di state to vote if dem want anoda lockdown or not.

For inside tweet for di goment official twitter account, dem ask Lagos residents dis question: "based on di level of compliance on di guidelines wey dey ground to reduce di spread of Covid-19 for Lagos State, make goment impose anoda lockdown or not?".

Since di outbreak of coronavirus for Nigeria, Lagos state, wia most of di commercial activities for di kontri dey shele, dey top di list of states wey get di highest number of cases.

Nigeria bin experience di first case of di virus afta one Italian man for Lagos state catch am and di disease don continue to dey spread dey go for di state.

Lagos state goment bin sharply close down schools, churches and mosques to try reduce di spread before President Muhammadu Buhari come order total lockdown for di state on March 30. Dis lockdown bin continue till May 4 wen Buhari come reopen di state wit night to morning curfew.

Wit di relaxation of di lockdown, Federal goment order some measures like by-force wearing of face mask to make sure say pipo still dey safe even as dem dey go about dia daily waka.

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Many Lagosians para say e no make sense for goment to relax di lockdown wen cases still dey rise. Even neighbouring Ogun state, wey no get as much cases as Lagos state, bin extend dia lockdown by one week.

But wit all dis safety measures wey dey in place, e no look like say tins still dey improve for Lagos.

Di state Govnor, Babajide Sanwo-Olu bin complain on Saturday, May 9 say upon evritin wey authorities don advice pipo, im dey disappointed to still dey see crowd for banks, markets and buses still dey carry full number of passengers.

Now, pipo don begin worry say Lagos fit go on anoda lockdown.

Wetin we know

1. Lagos na di center of dis disease

Apart from say na Lagos bin experience di first case of di virus, di state currently get di highest number of cases for di whole kontri.

As at May 13, 2020 di state don record 2,041 positive cases of di virus and 33 pipo don die from am, acoording to wetin di Lagos State ministry of health tok.

Wen di outbreak first start for Nigeria, na foreigners and pipo wit travel history mostly get am but now, community to community transmission don dey increase.

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Lagos state get one of di highest population for Nigeria

Afta Kano state, Lagos get di second highest population for Nigeria wit small land mass.

Dis small land mass mean say majority of di over 21 million pipo for di state dey live closely togeda unlike oda states wey get more land mass.

Dis kain dense population go give goment tough time to enforce social distancing wey Sanwo-Olu don alredi hala say dey give dem wahala to manage.

2. Di city fit battle with coronavirus till July or August

Upon evritin wey Lagos dey experience, di state neva even reach di peak of coronavirus outbreak.

Lagos state commissioner for Health, Akin Abayomi say dem dey suspect say di worse of di coronavirus palava fit happun for July or August 2020.

Di authorities say dem dey prepare for di long waka and dey increase dia capacities plus strategies to deal with di situation.

3. Lagos sate dey reason to lockdown again

But dem want carry pipo along.

As at 14th May, 2020, Thursday morning, 69,895 pipo don cast dia vote for di poll on Twitter wey dey ask di question whether to lockdown di state again or not.

About 49.8% percent of di pipo say dem want make di state lockdown, 39.4% say make goment no impose lockdown and 10.8% of pipo wey vote dey neutral.

Di voting go end on Friday May 15.

Di Commissioner of Information for di state, Gbenga Omotoso tell BBC say, di reason why dem dey ask di opinion of pipo na sake of say coronavirus pandemic na public health mata and pipo must get their say.

"Apart from di poll wey we do for Twitter and Facebook, goment still dey use other traditional means to ask pipo wey no dey use social media," he tok.

"We dey use traditional rulers, local goment councillors and di 390 community development association wey dey di state to ask pipo for their different communities." he add.

E neva dey clear wetin be di percentage of pipo wey vote for or against lockdown from di local authorities.

4. Wetin pipo dey tok?

Wetin to expect

Wia dis foto come from, Lagos state Govnor

Despite all dis facts about coronavirus for Lagos state, e still no dey very clear weda or not authorities for di state go order anoda lockdown.

President Muhammadu Buhari wen im lift di lockdown from Lagos, Ogun and Abuja say state goments go need to make some decisions on dia own as e apply for dia states.

One tin wey dey certain be say, based on evritin wey di state govnor don tok since dem relax di lockdown, e no dey satisfied with how tins dey play since dem lift di lockdown.

Govnor Sanwo-Olu don say e go need to make tough decisions if tins continue as e be.

Plus if di cases continue to dey rise and community transmission of infections continue to dey spread, goment go need to make dat decision fast.