Ernesto Yeboah: Ghanaians bash Police over arrest of EFL leader sake of George Floyd vigil for Accra

  • Favour Nunoo
  • BBC News Pidgin, Ghana
Ghanaians bash Police over 'rambo style' arrest of EFL leader during George Floyd vigil

Wia dis foto come from, @Francis Kokoroko/Twitter

Ghanaians for social media dey bash Police after dem arrest leader of George Floyd vigil for Accra.

Police scatter de vigil wey Ernesto Yeboah lead with support from en Economic Freedom Fighters group.

Wia dis foto come from, @Francis Kokoroko/Twitter

Police say dem arrest de leader sake of he breach de Public Order Act.

But more Ghanaians bore say Police dey use same force against citizens just like American police dey use on African Americans.

But de EFL say dem notify police of dema planned vigil den additional Covid-19 social distancing protocols wey dem go enforce on during de vigil.

Ernesto Yeboah lead dis George Floyd vigil for Accra in protest of de actions of American police who kneel on de neck of African American until he die.

Last year Police arrest EFL Leader, Ernesto Yehoah after he enter Parliament dey chant 'drop that chamber' in opposition to plans by Ghana lawmakers to build new chamber plus tax payers money.