Why APC carry Oshiomole go court on top Edo state primaries

Adams Oshimhole and Godwin Obaseki

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Chairman of Edo state All Progressive Congress party for Nigeria, Oga Ojezua, say dem cari di national chairman Adams Oshiomole go court to remind an say im no fit get more power pass di one wey party constitution give am.

As Edo state dey warm up for govnorship election, Federal High Court for Benin City don order make all parties for All Progressive Congress case maintain status quo.

Di court on di Monday 8 of June give order make di political party and im national chairman Adams Oshiomole no conduct any primary election for di state until dem decide on di mata.

Dis na afta di Edo state chapter of di party cari di national chairman of di party, Adams Oshiomole go court on top say im insist on direct primaries.

According to di Edo state APC chairman Anselm Ojezua, wetin cari dem go court be say, di state party executive for di state don decide say na indirect primaries dem wan do.

Im say, di state get im power to choose weda dem go do direct or indirect primaries from di National Executive Committee resolution.

"Di National Executive Committee no just dey superior to di National working Committee, naim be di main di main committee wey di party give power to approve di guidelines and rules for primaries.

"Dem bin actually meet on 29 August 2018 dem decide say each state each state get power to decide which mode, becos di party constitution record di direct and indirect method, so di national executive decide say state fit use di one wey dem prefer."

Wia dis foto come from, Getty Images

Wetin we call dis foto,

APC Chairman Adams Oshiomhole don be Govnor of Edo State before

Wetin dem argue for court

Part of di state APC argument for court be say;

Na dia right to decide which mode dem wan use to do di primaries and dem choose indirect mode.

Dem prefer indirect mode because e dey easier to manage pass direct.

To do direct primaries, all di more dan 400,000 registered members of di APC for 192 wards go gada for dia different wards for different parts of di state.

Oga Ojezua say, for dis era of coronavirus e no fine to unnecessarily "expose all our members to danger just to pick one pesin?

"How we wan take do am witout breaking laws wey state abd federal goment put for Covid-19."

But di indirect mode go just happun for one location and delegates no go pass 3,600.

Im say di stadium wia dem plan to do di indirect primaries get space for 15,000 pipo so dem go fit to practice social distancing.

E add say, e go easy to make sure say pipo wear mask, dem go fit do screening, and "e go dey far easier" for monitoring authority to monitor di election

Di court go continue wit di case on Thursday June 11.

Tension inside APC party dey rise dey go as g di state dey prepare for election to vote new govnor on September 19.