Restaurants: Pizza Hut dey shut down dia restaurants for Nigeria sake of Covid-19 pandemic palava?

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Nigeria branch of popular restaurant Pizza Hut don clear di air about rumours ontop weda dem dey shut down or not.

Tori bin break on Wednesday, September 9 say di restaurant chain dey shut down 29 of dia 244 restaurants for di UK.

But Olalekan Fabguyi wey be di Nigeria Manager tell BBC Pidgin say "notin like dat dey happen for Nigeria".

UK tori pipo Independent report say di shut down go lead to loss of about 450 jobs for di UK. Di restaurant chain dey follow creditors to strike new deal afta dem face serious challenge from di coronavirus pandemic.

Pizza Hut say dem no get choice but to restructure sake of say dem no expect say dem go fully recover until 2021.

Di company na di latest restaurant brand wey go announce say dem dey downsize dia services since di pandemic start for March 2020.

Pizza Hut bin open business for Nigeria for 2018 wit three outlets for Lagos.

According to one Pizza Hut Nigeria tok-tok pesin, all dia restaurants for Nigeria dey function.