Cameroon gendarmes arrest woman say e kill, cook e two pikin dem


Wia dis foto come from, Papouti Lino

Family of Amadou still dey inside shock as deh discover cooked parts for two pikin dem, three years and six months laik dry meat inside pot for dia mami, Salamatou e room.

Bajengo village for Pitoa, North Cameroon don enta tori for bad reason, as Salamatou 25 dey gendarmerie afta family discover parts for e two pikin dem inside e room.

Asta e co-wife tori say deh go farm and wen deh turn back, e pray, e notice say de pikin dem no dey, e ask dia mami Salamatou , first e no tok.

De co-wife check inside e room but e no see de pikin dem, e insist and de mami say de pikin dem dey inside room.

Den, Salamatou no tok until e go back for e room. De co-wife tell de massa situation and deh continue for search for de pikin dem till next day.

"As we search e room, we find de pikin dia bodi parts inside pot for dia mami, Salmatou e room", Asta tori.

E good for note say no man no see any tin, but deh suspect say Salamatou kill e own pikin dem.

Na pot wit parts for de pikin dem weh deh cut-cut dem, dry'am for fire, den cook'am family discover inside room.

Djodja, say wen e mami call e say woman for e broda don kill e pikin dem cook'am, e go see.

"Na terrible tin weh ah see, words no fit describe weti ah see, na lock mop", DjoDja tok.

Ache Katchou, commandant for gendarmerie for Pitoa say deh go take de bodi parts inside pot from Salamatou e room.

Salamatou dey for gendarmerie cell as de officers di try for squeeze out weti fit don make e commit dis kana horrible crime.

De kweshions for how de woman carry out de act, and why, if na witchcraft or sect still di hand for air.