Nasir Ahmad el-Rufai - Govnor of Kaduna approve castration, four oda punishments for rapists

Nasir el-Rufai

Wia dis foto come from, El rufai/facebook

Senator Shehu Sani of Kaduna state for northern Nigeria tell BBC say di new law wey govnor Nasir Elrufai sign wey go castrate rapists no go 'change anything'.

According to di former senator wey bin dey Nigerian senate between 2015-2019 di solution no be by law like dis kain one but by prevention and serious advocacy against rape.

"For me dis law no go change anything, di solution na prevention and serious advocacy against rape." Dis na wetin e tell BBC.

As senator Shehu disagree, di govnor still get support for oda places as one of di most popular actors for Kaduna Umma Shehu tell BBC say she dey with di govnor '100%' on dis.

She yan say castration na di only way since imprisonment no gree work all dis years.

Wia dis foto come from, Shehu Sani

"I fully support Govnor Elrufai on dis new law wey e sign, rapists na evil pipo and deserve any kain pain wey dem get, as some pipo dey yan say castration go dey painful, una no sabi di kain permanent pain wey rape dey bring."

Di actress yan say though she no personally sabi any victim of rape but hearing from victims on media she no say na one of di most painful things for life.

"Rape na bad thing wella, and since all dis years dem dey carry pipo go prison but e no work, make we use dis new law and see if pipo no go stop rape, i promise u say e go work."


Wia dis foto come from, El rufai/facebook

New law wey go sama son punishment for rape of pikin, including castration of male convicts and removal of fallopian tube for female convicts don get approval by Kaduna State Govnor Nasir el-Rufai for north western Nigeria.

Di Govnor announce for tweet on Wednesday night say im sign di law wey be amendment to di Kaduna State Penal Code Law 2020.

Dis new law wey dey inside di Kaduna State Penal Code amendment law 2020, go include castration of man wey rape small pikin below di age of fourteen.

Before now, di highest punishment for rape of adult for Kaduna state na 21 years in prison and life in prison for rape of pikin.

Di Govnor say dis harsh punishments go help protect pikin dem from serious crime.

But castration no be di only punishment inside dis new law. Dis na four oda punishments wey rapists go face for di state:

1. Removal of fallopian tubes

Any woman wey rape small pikin, court go punish her wit removal of her fallopian tubes and death sentence.

2. Death sentence

Anybodi wey rape pikin wey dey below fourteen years go not only chop punishment of castration or removal of fallopian tubes but death sentence.

3. Life imprisonment

If di victim dey above fourteen years, di court go sentence di accused to life imprisonment along wit castration.

4. Sex offenders list

Court go also add di name of anybodi wey dey guilty of di rape of pikin to Sex Offenders Register wey di Attorney General go publish.