Resident doctors strike go resume across Nigeria on Monday, August 2

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Di Nigeria National Association of Resident Doctors (NARD) tok say dem go resume dia nationwide indefinite strike wey dem suspend from Monday, August 2.

Dem tok dis on Saturday at for end of di executive meeting of dia National Executive Council for Umuahia, Abia state.

"We dey embark on total and indefinite strike on August 2, 2021…we still get irregularities for di payment of salaries to di house officers."

Dis na part of wetin di president of di association, Okhuaihesuyi Uyilawa tok as dem tok say dem take dis decision afta di Federal Government fail to implement di Memorandum of Actions 113 days afta dem suspend di last strike action.

Uyilawa follow say sorry to Nigerians for di strike action wey dem go do but insist say di mata dey happen because of di goment.

For April, di doctors bin run strike wey affect plenti patients for goment hospitals but dem bin suspend am afta 10 days.

Some of di mata wey di doctors bin raise be:

  • di immediate payment of all salaries wey dem dey owe all house officers, plus March salary;
  • upward review of hazard allowance to 50 per cent of consolidated basic salaries of all health workers and payment of outstanding COVID-19 inducement allowance; and
  • to cancel di very high bench fees wey dem dey pay for outside postings for all training institutions across di kontri.