New Zealand supermarket stabbing: Goment go make tougher anti-terror laws afta knife attack

Jacinda Ardern speaks during press conference, 3 September 2021

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New Zealand Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern don swear to make tougher anti-terror laws afta Friday knife attack for Auckland by one man who police dey monitor.

"We must dey willing to make di changes wey we know say fit no necessarily have change history, but fit change di future," she tell tori pipo.

Di man, wey from Sri Lankan, bin stab seven people for one supermarket. Three of dem dey for critical condition.

Di police shoot di attacker wey be known supporter of Islamic State dead.

Dem don identify am as Ahmed Aathil Mohamed Samsudeen, one 32-year-old Tamil man, wey come New Zealand for 2011 and to look for refugee status.

Madam Ardern, wey describe di stabbings as "terrorist attack", say she expect say changes to di kontri counter-terrorism law go get support of parliament by di end of September.

Di expectation be say di parliament go make am easier to convict pesin for planning terror attack.

Dem don arrest Samsudeen many times before Friday event. But Madam Ardern say dem go use every way wey legal to keep am out of di community.

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New Zealand's PM say incident at supermarket was a "terrorist attack"

What we sabi about Samsudeen?

Samsudeen, wey court order hide im identity treach now sake of im refugee status, land New Zealand on student visa for 2011.

Im become person of national security interest for 2016.

As member of di Tamil minority community, im bin claim say dem dey persecution Sri Lanka.

E don dey under round-di-clock monitoring and heavy surveillance due to concerns about im ideology. Samsudeen dey known to multiple agencies, and also dey on terror watchlist.

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Police shot dead the attacker within 60 seconds of the incident

Local tori pipo bin report say dem recently sentence am to one year of supervision for possessing IS propaganda.

Goment lawyers don accuse am of plotting "lone wolf" terror attack using knives, di judge rule say planning terror attack no be offence for di existing laws.

Im internet search history and bookmarks included heroes of Islamic State, Islamic State dress, and New Zealand prison cloth and food, according to Staff.

Pipo don dey ask question why authorities no take action against di attacke before di stabbings - especially since im dey under close surveillance.

How di attack take happun?

Di attack happun for di Countdown supermarket for LynnMall for Auckland district of New Lynn on Friday afternoon.

Surveillance team and specialist tactics group bin dey follow Samsudeen from im house go di supermarket.

Butdem no reason sayim bin dey plan attack on Friday. Di team believe say im dey go shopping.

However, afta im enta di shop Samsudeen pick knife begin stabbing spree.