Guinea 'coup' updates: US, Ecowas, UN condemn wetin dey happun for Guinea

Soldiers dey do broadcast about di coup

Wia dis foto come from, Guinea TV

Wetin we call dis foto,

Di soldiers say dem act becos of ogbonge corruption

Di United States don issue a statement ''on di military seizure'' condemning di apparent coup wey dey happun for Guinea.

E ask make parties stop violence and stand gidigba by di rule of law.

Di US Department of State tok say dat ''violence and any extra-constitutional measures go only scatter Guinea prospects for peace, stability ad prosperity''.

E emphasise on process for national tok-tok to ''sustainably and transparently'' address any concern wey go dey helpful for peaceful and democratic solution.

Dis dey come amid more regional and international condemnation of di apparent ouster of President Alpha Condé.

Also, di West African economic bloc, Ecowas don follow condemn di ''coup attempt'' and tok im ''disapproval of any unconstitutional political change".

E demand make di juntas respect President Condé and also ask for im unconditional release and of dos wey dem arrest wit him.

UN secretary-general Antonio Guterres and di African Union don already condemn di coup and demand di immediate release of President Condé.

Wetin dey happun for Guinea?

E still no clear wetin dey happen for Conakry, but the military say dem seize control.

For inside di television address, men in military uniform, wit di Guinea flag around dia backs address di nation.

Dem cal demsefs di National Committee for reconciliation and development, dem blame ogbonge corruption, mismanagement and poverty for inside Guinea for di coup d'etat.

Dem say di constitution don dey dissolved and dem go chook eye to create a new, more inclusive one.

Dem also claim say di goment don dey dissolved and say di land borders go dey closed for one week.

Junta order goment ministers and national figures to meeting

All di ministers and presidents of institutions wey sojas dissolve during di Sunday 'coup d etat' for Guinea dey expected to meet on Monday by 11am for Conakry, according to di statement wey di sojas release.

Dem warn say anybodi wey fail to attend go dey regarded as rebel.

Di sojas for inside statement also don introduce curfew wey go start by 8pm.

Wia dis foto come from, AFP

Who be Alpha Condé

Dem born Alpha Condé for March 4th 1938. Im be Guinea politician plus President of Guinea from December 2010 to September 2021.

Oga Conde bin stay as opposition to plenty regime in Guinea .

E contest against President Lansana Conté in di 1993 and 1998 presidential elections but e no win.

Alpha Conde bin lead di Rally of di Guinean People (RPG), one opposition party.

Condé dey elected as president for one second round of voting wen e contest again in di 2010 presidential election.

Wen e enter office dat December, e become di first freely elected president in di kontri history. Dem re-elect Conde again in 2015 wit about 58% of di vote, and again in 2020 wit 59.5%. But fraud dey allege in di 2020 election.

Wen dem elect am in 2010, Condé say e go strengthen Guinea as democracy and fight corruption.

Condé and im son come later enter one corruption gbege wey dey mostly related to di mining industry plus suspect say e rig election.

On 30 January 2017, Condé succeed Chad Idriss Déby as head of di African Union. E dey succeeded by Rwandan President Paul Kagame on 28 January 2018.

Where Guinea dey located

Guinea wey im official name be Republic of Guinea na one kontri for west Africa and e dey located on di Atlantic coast.

E dey formerly known as French Guinea and dem dey sometimes call am Guinea-Conakry sake of Conakry wey be im capital and largest city.

Guinea na predominantly Islamic kontri wit about 85% of im population as Muslims.

Di kontri economy dey largely dependent on agriculture and mineral production.