Awet Tesfaiesus: Germany elect first African born female lawmaker into di Bundestag

Awet Tesfaiesus

Wia dis foto come from, German Green Party

Green party politician Awet Tesfaiesus don become di first African-born black female MP to dey elected for German parliament - di Bundestag.

She bin dey elected during di recently held German elections.

Di 47 year old lawyer run for Hessen, wey include Frankfurt and Kaseel where she dey live.

She dey go Berlin to take her seat for di Bundestag.

She bin join di Green party for 2009 and she join active politics for 2020 afta one shooting incident for Hanau, outside Frankfurt, when neo-Nazi sympathizers kill at least nine pipo.

Who be Awet Tesfaiesus

Her name "Awet" for her native Eritrean Tigrinya language mean victory- "name wey lead light dey shine road" na correct Eritrean proverb.

Dem born her for Eritrea, before she migrate go Germany wit her family wen she be six years old. She grow up for Heidelberg.

Since she graduate from Frankfurt University for 2006, she dey practice law and most of di cases she dey handle na asylum seekers and refugees, according to local media.

Germany centre-left Social Democrats (SPD) declare narrow victory and di leader Olaf Scholz don express readiness to work wit Awet party to form one coalition goment wey fit give die new MP another opportunity to grow her influence.

Negotiations to form di next German government dey go on and Ms Awet party go play key role.

Last year another Eritrean bin make headlines afta e become New Zealand first African to dey elected as member of parliament.

Ibrahim Omer na member of di Labour Party.

Some Eritreans for abroad don manage to breakthrough for national and local levels in recent years wey include di US and Switzerland