COP26: Why Russia and China president no attend climate change meeting for GLasgow, Scotland

COP26: Why China and Russia president refuse to attend climate change meeting for GLasgow, Scotland

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US President Joe Biden don criticise di leaders of China and Russia for not attending di 26th Conference of Parties (COP26) Climate Change meeting.

Biden say climate na serious issue and na big mistake for both Russian President Vladimir Putin and Chinese leader Xi Jinping to dey absent.

Neither Putin or Jinping showface for di meeting but both kontries send delegation go di summit wey go run for two weeks until 14 November.

Di COP26 climate summit dey take place for Glasgow, Scotland and more than 120 world leaders dey present for dia.

China na di world largest emitter of carbon dioxide, followed by US. Russia na di fifth largest afta di EU and India.

On Tuesday, 2nd November, world leaders wey gada for summit agree to stop and reverse deforestation by di end of 2030.

Why Russia president no come di climate summit?

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For 20 October, Russian authorities bin announce say President Vladimir Putin no go attend di COP26 climate summit

Di tok-tok pesin to President Putin, Dmitry Peskov no give any reason why di Russian leader no go attend wen e bin announce di decision for October.

Although oga Peskov tok say climate change na "important" priority for Russia.

Even oga Putin no give any comment about di announcement wey say e no go showface for di summit.

Before now President Putin don bin tok say go take part, but e be like now di appearance fit be virtually.

During one time wey e dey speak for one international energy forum for Moscow on 13 October, President Putin bin tok say di coronavirus pandemic fit be one major factor for im decision to travel.

Russia don record high level of Covid-related deaths and di president don bin order nationwide week-long paid holiday from 30 October to 7 November to try reduce di spread.

Why China president no come di climate summit?

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For October, some officials don bin sama warning give UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson say China President Xi Jinping fit no attend di COP26 climate summit for November.

But Chinese officials no entirely rule out any change of plans.

E dey tey wey doubt dey about weda President Jinping go attend COP26 as dem believe say e neva leave China since early 2020.

Goment sources say Chinese officials no too dey sure about di President travel plans and dey accept say e dey possible Jinping fit change im mind and come for di last minute to surprise di summit.

Diplomats don bin tok say China dey often announce President Jinping travel plans for di last minute.

"We never give up hope. And we go continue to make di case for im personal attendance," one diplomat bin tok for October.

COP26 na di biggest climate change conference since landmark tok for Paris for 2015.

About 200 kontries na im dey don request for dia plans to cut greenhouse gas emissions, wey dey cause global warming, by 2030.

Reducing global warming dey important to avoid di worst consequences of climate change.

Many observers go dey watch how Russia and oda major fossil fuel producers go dey willing to reduce dia reliance on dem.