Chrisland school girl video: Tips on how you fit link your pikin mobile device to your own

  • Andrew Gift
  • BBC Pidgin
One pikin dey hold phone

Wia dis foto come from, Getty Images

Since tori comot last weekend online say underage pikins from Chrisland school film demsefs wit mobile device while engaging in alleged sexual violence, comments don dey fly upandan ontop wetin pesin go do to keep im pikins safe for dis tech era.

BBC Pidgin follow experts tok to get tips to help parents monitor dia pikins activities on Mobil devices and to keep di kids safe online.

Taiwo Ogunlade wey be tok tok pesin for Google say dem create app wey dem call family link to help parents monitor activities of di pikins online.

Wen parents link di phones, dem fit block or allow certain contents to enter or not enter di pikins phones. Dis go make di parents know di kain content dia pikins dey watch.

You fit use di app block porn sites and oda unwanted contents. Parents fit use am fix how long pikin fit use di device.

Dis means say di parents fit from make di pikin device go off wen di allotted time done finish.

  • Create Gmail account for di pikin wit im real age.
  • Install Google Family Link for di parents phone.
  • Add di pikin registered Gmail ID to your Google family link.
  • Use di pikin email ID to login into di pikin device and activate. Your phone go get notification to allow dem activate di pikin phone.

Dem fit begin use di phone, but dem no fit access adult sites with di phone.

E also reel out oda tips wey fit help parents supervise dia kids oda devices. Dem include :

  • Keep di computer for central place, so you go fit monitor wetin im dey use am do.
  • Follow dem do internet search wen dem need am. No always allow dem do am alone.
  • Flag sites wey you no wan make dem access. Almost all apps and sites get button you for use flag tins.
  • Ensure you put passwords and no gree dem giv out dia passwords.
  • Always talk wit your pikins, also let dem know say make dem no dey share personal information with outsiders dem meet online.

Tips on how you fit dey monitor your pikin mobile devices

BBC Pidgin gist wit child expert and coach Dr Maymunah Kadiri to highlight various ways pesin fit monitor activities of dia pikins wen dem dey online.

Dr Maymunah wey also be mental health physician and physiotherapist say once you don put di family link, you go dey get notifications wen dem wan access wrong sites, say na so she do her own wit her kids.

Other tips she give include

  • Put child protection for your cable TV. Wit dis dem no fit access adult and restricted contents.
  • Put child protection for your online accounts like Netflix and YouTube
  • Control dia access to internet data and Wi-Fi.
  • Make schools screen all mobile devices wey di pikins dey carri come school, especially di ones wey dey live for hostel.
  • Monitor wetin your pikins dey do after lights out for night as some of dem dey enta dia rooms wit dia devices and continue using dem after lights out.
  • Use WhatsApp web to log into dia chats, dis go help you know di kind friends dem dey keep.

'Best age for children to get phone na age 13'

Dr Maymunah say di best age for pikins to begin handle phones under supervision of dia parents na age 13.

She say most online and cable TV child protection buttons dey put di age of di pikins at 13.

“Di koko be say since corona virus come and go pikins now dey required to use phones for school purposes, we no fit go back to di old era, but parents and schools suppose take charge, no dey passive, supervise how di pikins dey handle di devices “ na wetin Dr Maymunah tok.

Make parents and schools engage IT expert to do house cleaning for di gadgets of dia pikins as some of dem dey download and hide bad contents inside dia devices.

Some of di tins pikins dey watch, hear or read dey cause some level of brain damage to dem and dem dey grow wit am.

Dr Maymunah say “pikins of dese days dey smarter, more inquisitive, dem go google and find ways to bypass di child control button wey you put”.

She say di kids go protest, but make you stand your ground.“Dem dey fast and furious, dem sabi times 20 of wetin we know, dem dey more creative and restless” na so di doctor tok.

She say most importantly, make any strategy wey you wan follow make sure say e dey sustainable. No be do today stop tomorrow.

According to her, schools suppose find way to dey monitor di devices wey di students dey carri come back to school. Say some of dem dey feel free to access dose negative sites wen dem dey school.