World Cup Draw: See wetin Brazil, Nigeria coaches dey talk

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Image caption Gernot Rohr don dey coach Nigeria Super Eagles since 2016

As time don dey nack for di 2018 FIFA World Cup draw, Nigeria coach Gernot Rohr say im no dey avoid any country, while im mate for Brazil coach Tite say e fit be anybodi, and im no put mind for dat side.

Di Super Eagles dey tanda inside Pot 4, wey get all di lowest-ranked teams from FIFA dia October ranking, while France and Germany siddon inside Pot 1, with di highest-ranked teams dem.

Dis arrangement don leave Nigeria for situation wey be say di country fit face some tough teams, but all dat one no shale Rohr at all.

Na ESPN di German follow talk for interview, and e tell dia tori person say: "I wan play (against) Germany because I be half German, so e go sweet me well-well to play Germany. E go also good to play France because I get plenty friends there, and I go enjoy am to see friends and play against dem."

'We no get say'

When FIFA.Com ask Brazil coach say how important dis final draw be for am, and whether any team dey wey im go like avoid, im answer different.

The Brazilian say: "di most important thing for Brazil na for is to continue to grow, and dey stronger. We no get say for di teams and di type of football wey we go face."

For di qualifiers, na im country top di South American region but Tite no too raise shoulder; all e want na for im team to dey stronger for field and for dia mind too.

"No matter wetin happen, we dey come against some big teams, whether inside di draw or for anoda stage. We fit jam Russia, Germany, Japan or anyone, and all of dem get different styles," na as e end di tori.