Cameroon: Committee no wan renew contract for coach Hugo Broos

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Image copyright ISSOUF SANOGO
Image caption Hugo Broos win African Cup of Nations with Cameroon

Normalisation committee no want renew contract for Cameroon coach Hugo Broos.

Di Normalisation Committee weh di run football federation Fecafoot for number four moon, now don take resolution for dia meeting for 4 December say deh no go renew contract for Cameroon coach Hugo Broos. Di coach bin sign contract for February 2016 and yi suppose expire for February 2018.

But, dis resolution weh committee write fall for tori people dia hand, and deh di spread am for social media say Cameroon don sack Broos.

Communication officer for Fecafoot, Laurence Fotso tok for BBC Pidgin say de resolution no bin be na for tori pipo dem. No man fit tok how dem get de letter.

Image copyright PATRIK STOLLARZ
Image caption Hugo Broos

For di proposal weh de four-committee member deh sign, Dieudonne Happi committee president don write letter for minister for explain why weh deh no wan renew Broos yi contract.

Broos sef no surprise for dis kain decision weh committee wan take and yi di wait mek deh notify yi.

Committee member gif reason say Broos no qualify de team for World Cup, yi no di stay for Cameroon, yi put shame for country for one scandal for Brussels.

As dis letter don enter minister yi hand, Cameroonians weh na football diehard pipo di wait for see if minister go join de federation for sack coach or yi go take different decision.

Cameroon get one moon for notify Broos say dem no want yi again and pay yi moni till 9 February 2017.