Madagascar: Plague wey carry cold don kill people

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Image caption Madagascar na popular place for tourists for Africa

Authorities for Madagascar dey do everything wey dem sabi to stop one plague wey carry cold dey kill people anyhow for di country.

Tori be say 42 people don die and na 343 others get infection since August 2017.

Madagascar wey be south-east African Island na country wey dey experience around 400 cases of dis kain plague every year and na bite from flea dey spread di disease.

According to World Health organization WHO, na around September and April na im dis kain plague dey happen.

But for Madagascar, di plague palava even begin earlier than di time for cities like Antananarivo di country capital and Toamasina wey dey di eastern part of di country.

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Image caption Government don begin disinfect public places like market

Wetin be plague?

Plague na disease wey dey transfer from one person to another. Experts say na Yersinia pestis wey be bacteria inside animals wey fit infect humans.

People fit get di disease if dem touch person or rat wey carry di bacteria.

According to one sabi person, Don Walker wey be osteologist wey dey study black people wey don die for London Archaeology Museum, di first sign wey show say humans get plague infection happen like 5,000 years ago for Serbia.

Signs wey go show if na plague

  • E dey carry cold and fever.
  • Body pain.
  • Vomiting.
  • Swelling of lymph, neck or armpits.