Wetin young people go like inside Ghana 2018 Budget?

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Image caption At least three things dey inside dis spend-money plan wey young people for Ghana go like

Ghana budget for 2018 get things wey fit ginger young people inside di country.

Na Finance Minister Ken Offori Atta shift mouth go dis side on Wednesday as e dey announce details of di $15 billion spend-money plan wey dem give di country parliament to approve for next year.

Sabi people say di government go need to use different modern ideas to get money to meet di target inside dis plan.

Meanwhile, e get at least three things wey fit benefit young people.

Tax holidays for young people wey get business

Mr Atta say di government don ready to reduce tax for young business people because fresh study dey suggest say na only 10% of graduates dey get jobs after dem finish dia university education.

On top dis matter, di government announce say young business owners fit no pay tax for up to five years, depending on di number of people wey dem dey employ.

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Image caption Di government say total aim on top di 2018 spend money plan na to improve life of everybody inside Ghana

Dem wan reduce tax for private universities dem for Ghana

Di government also announce say dem go less di money wey private universities dey pay for tax, to help dem get more money for hand to make dia buildings and other things and collect more students.

Dis one mean say young people wey dey for private university fit get more value for dia school fees as quality suppose improve.

Tori people say if di plan go ahead, e fit make dis private university dem to reach level wey dem fit no need to dey increase school fees too much.

Ghana wan make light cheap

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Image caption Dis na di second budget wey President Nana Akufo-Addo go present since im enter office for January 2016.

Low electricity bill

Inside di budget, government say na 13% reduction go dey on top electricity tariff for residential customers and 21% for customers wey dey use am do mining.

E mean say people wey dey use electric inside di country go pay less money next year than di one dem dey pay dis year.

Dis one go allow young people wey dey pay plenty money just to see light or use am do business to save more, spend less, and make di economy better.

Tori be say Ghana get one of di highest electricity tariffs inside West Africa wey dey cause high cost of living for di country.