UN Day: Women dem no want violence

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Image caption Dis women Chinyere Anokwuru, Aishatu John and Petra Onyegbule speak to BBC Pidgin

Every November 25 na wetin United Nations dey call di International Day for di Elimination of Violence against Women, and people don dey react, dey talk dia mind.

Dis na because today na for world people and leaders to put eye on top bad-bad things wey women dey face every time, wherever dem dey.

Na di sufferhead wey dey follow women wey find demself inside fight-fight like war, conflict and even crime na im Fatou Bensouda, di Prosecutor of di International Criminal Court face. She talk for Twitter say:

"We must face di bad-bad crimes against women and girls during conflict (war). Na everybodi responsibility…"

Other women talk about di day to BBC Pidgin tori person Ruona Meyer.

  • Wetin no good, no good. Wetin you no fit tolerate, make you no do am to another person. For di women wey dia husbands dey beat anyhow, I advise una to borrow leg run as far away as possible. Make women help themselves, na who dey alive go fit train pickin o. - Chinyere Anokwuru, activist for women matter
  • Make women open mind dey make decisions wey go good for them; nobodi go sabi wetin good for you more than you. Until di day wey we begin make our own decisions - if man start with shout enter beat, you waka without asking wetin to do - violence no go stop. - Aishatu Ella John, social worker
  • Di thing be say any kain violence no be am. E no good for men to beat women. No matter wey dey dis world, wey talk no fit finish. If talk fit finish am, why use blow or weapon? Dis world no hard at all. Na we dey make am hard. Make we think again, see women as part of our bodi. Abi person wey get sense fit hurt im bodi? - Petra Onyegbule, civil servant

Dis woman say make everybodi for world remember men too

Image copyright Olufunmilayo Odunaike
Image caption Olufunmilayo Odunaike dey work for construction company for Lagos, Nigeria

As we dey full ground dey condemn violence against women, make we dey condemn violence against men too. Violence against all persons na di koko. And make we dey encourage women wey dey abusive relationship make dem follow their leg dialogue o. Dead bodi no dey talk story na wetin Olufunmilayo Odunaike tell BBC Pidgin.