Ogoniland: See how Shell don do oil waka

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Ogoniland na area wey get plenty-plenty oil for Nigeria Niger-Delta region.

Na also di place where fight plus kill-kill don happen, as government and di people dey drag on top how oil companies dey waka.

Dis na some important dates for Ogoniland dia tori.

1958: Dem discover oil for Ogoniland

1990: Movement for di Survival of the Ogoni People (Mosop) form demself, and dia leader na Ken Saro-Wiwa

1993: 300,000 Ogonis protest say di government and big oil company Shell no dey look after di area since all di years dem don dey collect oil.

1993: Shell waka comot Ogoniland after dia worker collect beating

1994: Four community leaders na im crowd of youths kill. Government arrest Mosop leaders, including Ken Saro-Wiwa after dis one

1995: Mr Saro-Wiwa and eight others enter court, wey find dem guilty - and dem execute dem as punishment; people for world vex well-well for Nigeria government

2003-2008: World leaders begin out eye for armed conflict wey other other communities inside Niger Delta don begin do

2011: Shell gree say dem get hand for two Ogoniland spills wey be say oil troway full ground, spoil everywhere.

2017: Di widows of four of di men wey dem kill with Ken Saro-Wiwa carry case against Shell reach court for di Netherlands; dem accuse di company say dem get hand for dia husband dem deaths.