Nigeria: Why HIV dey increase among young people?

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Image caption December 1 na World AIDS day

Nigeria don get plenty help for di fight against HIV/AIDS, still e dey disturb and di number of young people wey dey catch di virus for di country dey rise.

According to UNAIDS, Nigeria na number three for di list of country dem wey HIV dey very high and di people wey get di virus pass, na sex worker dem, men wey dey sleep with men and people wey dey use needle inject hard drug.

Dem say since 2010 new infection don generally decrease for di country but number of young people wey new catch di virus dey increase.

But na wetin dey responsible for di increase among young people?

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Dr. Idris Baba, one of di HIV and AIDS sabi person with Unicef say di main reason why young people infection dey increase for Nigeria, na because all di HIV programme dem wey dey di country now, no dey friendly for dem at all.

Di country get plenty programmes wey dey for small children and mature people wey get HIV, but as e be say teenagers no dey di group of children or adult, dis group of people dey suffer from stigmatisation.

HIV facilities, dat na special clinics wey dem create for people with HIV, no dey adolescence friendly or youth friendly.

When youths try go dis kind facilities, di adult workers wey dey work there dey usually harass dem with questions like, "wetin carry you come here?" "Wetin you wan carry condom do?" "How old you dey, wey you wan do HIV test?"

Dr Baba say, na only programmes wey young people take dia hand design and execute na im go fit include dem for di fight against HIV.

World AIDS day na time for thinking to determine wetin don work and wetin no dey work for di fight against HIV.