Nigeria: N56,000 naira minimum wage dey urgent for workers

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Image copyright PIUS UTOMI EKPEI
Image caption Nigeria get different workers union but dem no get one mouth on top how much dem want as new minimum wage.

President Muhammadu Buhari on Tuesday 28 November commission one new committee of 30 people to look wetin go be di new and correct minimum wage for Nigerian workers.

"Money no dey" or "things hard" na regular talk you go hear from plenty government workers and civil servants.

Record wey concern economy and money matter show say Nigerian workers dey earn small money on top dia minimum wage.

Di minimum wage na di least salary wey any worker suppose collect for Nigeria.

N56,000 naira na im almost all di workers union for Nigeria dey ask government to pay civil servants after five years waka pass from August 2011 when dem don dey collect 18,500 Naira minimum wage .

Dis new minimum wage wey government workers union dey demand don even pass one year now and as e be so, even di 18,000 current minimum wage sef some states for Nigeria still dey owe dia workers.

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Image caption Most states for Nigeria dey owe workers

N56,000 naira new minimum wage dey possible?

Sabi person Professor Eme Ekekwe from Claude Ake School of Government Port Harcourt talk say "new minimum wage for Nigeria no be only wetin di people want but e dey urgent because di current one no be money."

"Now na how much we need to pay labour so dat dem fit do dia work and get interest for di economy we go dey ask."

"Government no go ever claim say dem get enough money to pay new salary, but I think say na something wey dem fit do if dem block all di areas where billions of money dey leak from because of corruption."

But e get some people wey no agree with dat one.

Kpele, dis Twitter post no dey now.

Kpele, dis Twitter post no dey now.

Kpele, dis Twitter post no dey now.

Tori be say di workers union want make di new minimum wage cover all di increase from exchange rate, transport, house rent to cost of living for Nigeria.

Na for 1 July 2010 Nigeria National Assembly approve one national minimum wage law wey say make government look di pay wey di least civil servant dey earn at least once every five years with eye to increase di money.

Di committee wey di president appoint from workers union and government oga dem na im go shook eye for di matter.