Nigeria: Police don respond to #EndSARS

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Image copyright PoliceNG_PCRRU/Twitter
Image caption Dis SARS na di government security force wey dey put eye on top crime matter for Nigeria.

Nigeria Police don do about-turn on top dia Special Anti-Robbery Squad (SARS), after young people enter social media dey drag SARS on top different tori for police brutality.

Di Inspector General of Police, Ibrahim K. Idris say dem don hear wetin Nigerians talk, and investigation don begin into all di complain and cases wey people don come out to talk.

Oga Idris talk for statement say im don order make dem "reorganise SARS everywhere for di county quick-quick."

As e be so, from now on na "Commissioner of Police go dey in charge of di Federal Anti-Robbery Squad for Nigeria."

Another new thing na say one special IGP X-Squad "go begin go round all di Commands and Police stations for di country, to make sure say dem dey work well, and arrest any police officer wey do wrong thing."

Di statement still say the police go organise "new training program wey join hand with Civil Society Organizations, Local and International NGOs, and other Human Rights Organizations."

Part of di training wey police go get na how to follow Human Rights, and how to take care of suspects wey dey dia hand.

'My ear pain me for two days'

Image caption My #EndSARS tori

One of di people wey enter social media don gree talk to BBC Pidgin, even though e no gree give im real name.

"Tope" say na early dis year na im e jam palava for SARS officers dem hand: "dem come say make I call my parents pay bail of N150,000. Na luck say my friend call one NGO wey come pay 25,000 naira. Di whole thing just shock me; my ear pain me for two days," na wetin im talk.