Eti-Oni: Di Nigeria village wey dey export chocolate

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Image copyright Eti-Oni centre
Image caption Eti-Oni for Osun state na di first place wey dem plant cocoa for Nigeria before dem spread am

Di village of Eti-Oni for Osun state don use di cocoa wey dem dey grow to produce chocolate wey dem dey sell for abroad.

E don reach 121 years since dem introduce cocoa for Nigeria and na for dis village, e start for 1896.

Cocoa na d crop wey people for Southwest Nigeria use take develop dem area for 1960s, wey dem take build ogbonge schools like University of Ibadan and Obafemi Awolowo University.

Na Nigeria first get television and radio station and di first sky scrapper for Africa, and na cocoa money dem use take do all dis things.

Image caption Dem dey hope to use chocolate develop dia community

As e be so, dem dey already export small quantity go UK market and popular chocolate maker Duffy na one of dia partners.

"We wan use this cocoa wey we get to make di life of our people beta," Oba Dokun Thompson, di traditional ruler of di village talk.

Dis small village from Osun say dem no wan make dem people wey dey grow di cocoa dey suffer again, so instead make dem just dey sell cocoa for small money, make dem just use am do chocolate wey dem go sell worldwide.

Dem don distribute some for London and America and some people from Colombia, Poland and USA don come Eti-Oni to talk as dem go fit work with di farmers wey dey grow di cocoa.

Kpele, dis Twitter post no dey now.

Kpele, dis Twitter post no dey now.